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Shape accuses Maotai to exceed period sow advertisement daughter to uphold claim
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Accredit uses the deadline that him effigies advertises to already passed, TV compere resides Wen Pei to discover, those who broadcast oneself to hold the position of heroine still is in on the TV station such as Beijing, Shanghai " Maotai prince wine " advertisement. For this, she makes this ad business Shanghai Heng Changan accuse finite liability company and Guizhou Maotai Inc. to tell a court, the requirement stops tort instantly, recoup a loss more than yuan 200. Yesterday, open a court session of court of people of general Tuo division hears this case, adjudge choose an auspicious day.

On January 9, 2001, ju Wenpei and constant prosperous company sign actor contract, the agreement holds the position of constant prosperous company to film by Ju Wenpei " Maotai prince wine " advertising heroine, constant prosperous company has Ju Wenpei inside 3 years the effigies access in this advertisement.

Ju Wenpei appeals to say, the contract was fulfilled in January 2004 after ending, two the accused still continue to broadcast this ad in each big TV medium. Ju Wenpei professes to ever held the position of Shanghai to teach the compere of the many programs such as TV station, CCTV, enjoy certain and famous degree.

But Maotai company and constant prosperous company all show, TV station exceed the time limit broadcasts experience case advertisement and him to have nothing to do.

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