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Careful of front courtyard of Shanghai live show will be normalized
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Shanghai various court will continue to arrange direct seeding of careful of the front courtyard on the net henceforth, make it becomes a kind of normal state stage by stage, this discloses when chatting room of honored guest of net of east of be a guest of Ying Yong of dean of tall courtyard of yesterday sky sea. Dean Ying Yong returns those who announced a court to inform against a phone, if the citizen discovers the judge has practise favouritism pervert the law to wait for those who violate age act, can inform against to people court at any time.

In the interview, dean Ying Yong above all the form with video living broadcast, introduced the fundamental condition of Shanghai court and case characteristic to broad netizen, and Shanghai court is passed " large study, big discuss " activity, build in the team, civilian service, dissolve contradiction, enhance a case qualitative effect, strengthen inside and outside to monitor the positive result that waits for each respect to obtain.

In literal interview phase, more than 250 question that Dean Ying Yong raises to the netizen, the part gave an answer. To the judicatory justice sex that broad citizen pays close attention to, if discover the judge has practise favouritism pervert the law to wait for the behavior that violate discipline,Ying Yong expresses litigant and citizen, can inform against to people court.

Inform against a way to basically have 3 kinds

It is the phone is informed against. Tall courtyard informs against a phone is 64749780, one quadrangle informs against a phone 62753719, 2 quadrangle inform against a phone 56625571, admiralty courtyard informs against a phone 68622512. 2 be inform against on the net. 3 it is the letter is visited inform against, party or citizen also can write to be careful in one's conduct of various court record censorial branch undertakes informing against.

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