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Village court of many a third floor thinks to did not change planar position
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By the floor of residence of 10 high levels with original village, much gave " little brother " . Ou Yueda length peace spends the short house of a three-layer that builds inside center village, became a village to reside appoint the office of the meeting uses a room. Partial owner thinks, " open to booking a contract " showing this house is " outside the plan " . Development business side expresses, they have the examination of program branch, not break a contact.
The Yue that is located in fierce exterminate road to go up amounts to beautiful garden village to have 10 houses building, reside with what border appoint meeting only of one wall lie between, but mutual do not have negotiable door. Who knows, see two shares that are like independence, unexpectedly congeneric. Yue amounts to owner of fourth gentleman of owner of beautiful garden village and part, analyse of the young before this sees a map of property right card, had an accident discovery -- , house appoint meeting seat is not independence at the village besides, and like residence of 10 high levels, it is together in red line limits.
Ancestor show in the map, village plane position shares 10 buildings, this only 3 buildings are tall " little brother " , amid was not tagged. "Owner is complete to this not know the inside story. " fourth gentleman thinks, development business is added inside the village build house appoint meeting office uses a room, did not seek the opinion of owner. Sign according to both sides " commodity house opens to booking a contract " medium agreement, develop business cannot the village plane position that change of do sth without authorization already agreed with owner, want change truly ought to ask for those who get owner is written agree. Do not have fruit hind to concerned department report frequently, owner amounted to Yue of development business Shanghai estate company to tell a court.
The reporter sees in the spot, house appoint the bulgy place that can be located in village north side, separate the two side in an enclosure with village cent, arrive at from Xiaoou house appoint meeting, need a canal on the side of village edge to walk 3 minutes.
Development business side thinks, house appoint can regard form a complete set as establishment with the room, attribute governmental demand, also be built according to the examination of program branch, after building, pass check and accept and consign is resided appoint can use, at present building property right belongs to street agency. They think, did not tag in the contract, belong to careless omission and rather than con, because do not have relevant law to ask every building of the village ought to label,pursue medium in planar layout, build house appoint meeting office is not position of change village plane with the room, do not make break a promise.
Final court decision shows the court, both sides is in village of contract of carry out room the sketch map that main building indicated simply only in planar layout, right relevant fair build the establishment such as form a complete set to be done not have indicate in detail. In the meantime, the position that estate company approves according to program branch is built house appoint meeting office uses a room, the village plane position that changes agreement of contract accessory institute without do sth without authorization, do not make break a promise.
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