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Court first spot of careful of front courtyard of network direct seeding
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This morning 9 when 30 minutes, limited company of restaurant of British thunder Ci accuses one case is in infringement of trade mark of company of yellow Pu Lichi open a court session of court of the 2nd intermediate people tries Shanghai. Special is, process of today's front courtyard careful will be in " Chinese court net " and " people net " respectively article of to in an attempt to and video form direct seeding.

It is reported, what is actually happening of careful of front courtyard of network direct seeding is belonged to in whole town and even total national capital first, extend this pattern possibly still henceforth partial attention to spend the case that taller open open a court session hears.

As we have learned, direct seeding of this front courtyard careful includes two shares, it is 9 when the graph article direct seeding that undertakes on Chinese court net, 2 be 9 when the video living broadcast that begins 30 minutes to undertake on people net. Graph article direct seeding is namely will at ordinary times the front courtyard careful that the clerk in front courtyard careful records notes convey to go up to the network at any time, in order to offer course of careful of netizen understanding front courtyard. "This notes before upload, wait to character, punctuation by a few senior judges undertake corrector, upload entirely later. " 2 quadrangle judge says.

The video living broadcast on people net is more vivid, the netizen all can watch progress of front courtyard careful directly through video.

   Front courtyard of network direct seeding tries a case now a details of a case

Limited company of restaurant of British thunder Ci is the public house with famous whole world runs a company, "RITZ " the history that as its commercial name and main brand already had nearly hundred years. Be in China, "RITZ " the restaurant that the check and ratify of registered trade mark serves a project to be the 43rd kind, cafeteria, bar, with the beauty parlour that reachs the 44th kind, tonsorial room, sanatorium, mineral spring sanatorium. Show according to the evidential material of accuser, the RITZ hotel that manages by accuser was in Paris 1898 practice, hotel name " RITZ " fasten its father surname.

Accuser thinks, company of yellow Pu Lichi is managing the accused highlight in the activity use with accuser " RITZ " like close of registered trade mark " RITS " mark, the origin generation that makes consumer serves to the accused is promiscuous with mistake, desalt accuser brand is in in relevant public famous degree, the business that created severe pecuniary loss to harm plaintiff to accuser praise, form brand tort.

The accused argue says: What the accused uses is " Li Chi, RITS and graph " set trade mark, not as approximate as accuser brand, also won't bring about promiscuous.
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