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Hongkong dollar of 1000 yuan of par value makes 100 yuan give depositor by accid
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Go to a bank bar takes money, do not think however because of staff member error, take 47700 yuan of Hongkong dollar more. A few days ago, brake north court makes first instance adjudicate, responsibility is in a bank, but the client must be returned still take debt more.
Last year on October 11, ms. Li is taken borrow write down card to reach a bank bar, the Hongkong dollar inside plan settle card 5305.62 yuan, among them 5.62 yuan with RMB settle accounts, additional 5300 yuan pay with Hongkong dollar. When real pay, bank clerk regards 53 pieces of Hongkong dollar of 1000 yuan of par value as by accident 100 yuan, pay 47700 yuan actually more.
After the event, bank respect ever sent person and connection of Ms. Li and its home person for many times, in bilateral communication process, because of staff member speak rudely, cause Ms. Li to be unhappy, ms. Li rejects reimbursement. In cognizance, bank requirement court adjudicates Ms. Li remands much Hongkong dollar 47700 yuan (amount to RMB 45729.99 yuan) , pay calculative of interest rate of bank the corresponding period interest, come since accident day remand day stops.
Ms. Li thinks, can see from inside the happening of this matter bank management is confused, staff member quality is low. In come when dun, they do not admit their mistake not only, still give character to threaten, let oneself can't bear bearing, reason rejects to accept its to come the behavior of dun. Court of Ms. Li requirement the judge that makes justice, pay much debt handle by the court.
The court thinks, the be caused by of error of job of clerk of bank of 47700 yuan of departments that the accused gets more, to Ms. Li character, this money is undeserved benefit, ought to return return a bank; But the money that the accused gets more is not those who be based on the accused is subjective and intended, responsibility is in accuser square, so accuser asks the accused pays accrual losing view and law photograph to be contrary to, reason adjudicates the accused remands accuser is undeserved benefit money Hongkong dollar 47700 yuan, reject the other suit request of accuser.
After the case is adjudged, ms. Li is in what the result adjudicates in juridical copy clerk to state to the court feel satisfactory, the money that gets its more on the court gives court, return by the court return a bank.

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