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Iron court adjudicates case of a batch of punishment centrally on
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Yesterday, two class court is opposite Shanghai railroad 25 cases criminal case undertakes centralized adjudging, the person of 31 the accused of experience case is sentenced respectively the set term of imprisonment differs 1 year to 15 years.

As we have learned, in the railroad criminal case that adjudicates this centrally, basically involve larcenous railroad to carry goods and materials commits a crime two kinds with carriage drugs, add up to of larcenous goods value is close 200 thousand yuan, amount of carriage drugs amount is close 1000 grams.

Come from October 2006 last year in April, sun Chun of farmer of the county on Anhui Ying of 37 years old and others of in collusion with steal the coal that stays on goods train of station of Ying get angry 7 times continuously 70.8 tons, total valuation is worth 31 thousand yuan. The court sentences Sun Chun and set term of imprisonment 3 years with larceny 6 months, punish gold 16 thousand yuan.

Last year on November 4, tan Jiangong of farmer of county of Hunan tea hill carries glacial poison 187.2 grams, take Guangzhou to leave for Nanjing the K528 on the west second passenger train, be hunted down by train guard in road. Nanjing railroad carries a court to sentence his set term of imprisonment in order to carry drugs crime 15 years, privative politics right 3 years.

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