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Pudong court takes the lead in coming true " dossier electron is changed "
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Use " add close bar " entry court local area network, the judge should input case number the system only, the immediately of entire character data that adjudicates from expect of material of put on record, testimony is OK consult on computer, pudong court takes the lead in beginning to come true in court of Shanghai basic level " dossier electron is changed " .
"The file that the electron changes, consult rise to go to the lavatory already quick. " opinion of a judge says, previously the dossier after end a case file arrives archives, want to consult again must take time is fulfilled painfully borrow review procedures. After dossier electron is changed, although the judge of Yuan Zaichuan sand, dub mouse can obtain wanted data.
Shao Guojiang of vice director of Pudong court office introduces, the file that the electron changes still will bring the advantage that consult for party inside year. Case party or lawyer consult previously dossier can weekly 4 to read a room to look, still must make an appointment to be taken to archives attune ahead of schedule. Nowadays, read a room to will install electrify head very quickly, party does not need to make an appointment, follow along with check. In the meantime, read a room to still plan to be in weekday is round-the-clock and open.

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