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Freeze " successfully to pay treasure the 500 thousand capital fund inside "
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A few days ago, one quadrangle of Shanghai gets together according to accuser Shanghai and the application of hall ad limited company, to the accused this city company of sale of the dress on a net is located in Internet to pay platform -- , " pay treasure " many yuan of 50 asset inside adopted the belongings before appealing to successfully to conserve measure, this is this courtyard is opposite first a case that fictitious asset carries out the network successfully.
Shanghai gets together and hall ad limited company entrusts dispute of business contract economy because of, this city company of sale of the dress on a net appeals to to the court, before applying for to appeal to, go up in the net to the accused " pay treasure " belongings is carried out conserve measure. "Pay treasure " it is an internet network fictitious market trades the service platform that bankroll pays, should buy a requirement to inform to the home sells to deliver goods on the net namely, buy the home to receive money and affirm undoubted hind, pay treasure company to will buy the home again " pay treasure " the payment for goods inside is collected sell the home to be beforehand on the net rather " pay treasure " bind disbursement bank account together inside.
Immediately of the member that one quadrangle executes a person hurries off to Internet " pay treasure " the headquarters that is in Hangzhou, adopt the assistance of this personnel, froze the accused successfully to log onto what name and number open to trade with fictitious account on Internet the asset inside account.

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