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65 networks shop is suspected of the net that clean out treasure tort
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In the reputation authority issue that in Shanghai limited company of sincere beauty cosmetic and Zhejiang tax treasure network limited company to happen, court of Xu Hui district gave out a few days ago the answer: Cleaning out treasure net to should be offerred is the identity information that contends for 65 networks shop.
Have below division of sincere beauty company " Luo Man cherish is loved " , " mattress Xisite " and " Nuo cherish " wait for cosmetic brand, product with mode of distribute of accredit engage by special arrangement, unite the price with the whole nation, the beauty parlour inside location is sold. Rose 2006, sincere beauty company discovers on the net that clean out treasure close a hunderd schools sells the network store of afore-mentioned cosmetic, all call sincere beauty brand shop oneself or specialize in sincere beauty product, the price is far under uniform retail price. Sincere beauty company sends case to ask assistance clears for many times businessman link, all not if really. From this, sincere beauty counterpoises with encroaching reputation for, clean out the operation business Zhejiang of the net that clean out treasure treasure network limited company to tell a court.
The court thinks, basis " the net that clean out treasure serves a provision " , the user sells article to must carry real name in the net that clean out treasure attestation. Accuser calls a network sincere beauty to case be reportinged after monopolistic shop is not his to open, the accused should generate reasonable suspicion, cooperate actively with accuser, but the accused idle at fulfilling corresponding obligation. The court cleans out treasure in the court decision while the net provides information of identity of 65 networks shop, still adjudicate the advertisement that cleans out treasure net to publish on the net 72 hours, for sincere beauty the company removes an effect.

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