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Fashionable dress " G2000 " tort of the brand that be sentenced
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Have " G2000 " , " U2 " , " G2 " the freely that waits for fashionable dress brand 2000 limited company, be in however " brand " on dropped one Jiao, "2000 " Zhao Hua of SOHO of trademark holder, Hangzhou appeals to freely tort of brand of 2000 limited company, claim for compensation 20 million yuan and first instance wins the lawsuit. A few days ago, first instance of Hangzhou city quadrangle adjudicates: Freely company stops to be on product of the socks of its production, sale, scarf, cravat, leather belt use encroach " 2000 " registered trade mark counterpoises " G2000 " designation of trade marks, destroy by melting or burning is contained accordingly " G2000 " label, packing; Recoup Zhao Hua pecuniary loss 20 million yuan, shanghai and limited company of predestined relationship clothing, Guangzhou 1000 be filled with clothing limited company to bear joint liability to compensation.
It is reported, freely 2000 limited company already saved tall courtyard to mention to Zhejiang appeal.
1997, ministry of advisory service of science and technology of Ou Zhenhong of Hangzhou west lake obtains those who register date to be the 1094814th " 2000 (handwritten form) " brand, approve use product is the 25th kind (belt of socks, glove, scarf, veil, shawl, cravat, dress, chatelaine) , zhao Hua returns via making over after all. Zhao Hua is the SOHO of socks of distribute cravat, scarf, motion.
Hong Kong freely 2000 limited company founded 1985 " G2000 " brand. "G2000 " although also registered the 25th kind of trademark, but by the is the 25th kind only dress of approve, shoe, cap, did not cover the range such as socks, glove, scarf. Basis " trademark law " regulation, brand is pointing to to be used on the product surely only.
System capacity is absent same level is other and both because trademark dispute pestered 7 years. In November 2000, zhao Hua entrusts a lawyer to write freely company, think its wait in socks, glove, cravat, scarf on use " G2000 " brand tort, reservation is sued, the right of claim for compensation. Came in May 2005 in March 2006, zhao Hua is in 41 times and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, peaceful wave " G2000 " shop buys product of tort be accusinged, take testimony.

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