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[Environmental protection] our country rubbish burns generate electricity market
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Generate electricity to study in what our country applies through burning to rubbish, we discover, rubbish burns the requirement that generates electricity to suit our country to show rubbish of level city life to handle relatively and situation. Policy taxation privilege, policy electrovalency privilege and rubbish processing compensate cost, can say the pillar of 3 old economy that is garbage power, but at present these economic pillar, tripartite balance was not achieved on real significance. Generate electricity how is each interest on industrial chain compensated, social cost how apportion, still lack at present limit clearly. Such a variety of what need our country to intensify policy level going up is perfect.

But carry research, reason believes 2008 ~ 2015, our country will greet rubbish to burn generate electricity gold period.

City life garbage power is the new technology that nearly 30 years development rises, especially 20 centuries since 70 time, as a result of the influence of resource and energy crisis, the developed country adopted “ resource to change ” policy to rubbish, rubbish processing changes ” development to “ resource ceaselessly, garbage power stands in the developed country swift and violent development. Most what use garbage power first is Germany and United States. 1965, germany already was built have rubbish incinerator 7, rubbish burns the quantity amounts to 7.8105 tons every year, the mouth is garbage power beneficiary beneficiary 2.45 million; To 1985, rubbish incinerator already was added reach 46, rubbish year burn the quantity is 8106 tons, but to power supply of 21.2 million person, 34.3% what beneficiary beneficiary mouth occupies total population. The United States invests 7 billion dollar since 80 time, build 90 rubbish burn factory, year processing rubbish total capacity achieves 30 million tons, 90 time will build 402 rubbish to burn factory.

Our country rubbish burns though start,generate electricity later, but development is rapid in recent years, especially since 2002, policy of reform of system of organization of country and the open policy that concerned branch comes on stage in succession and implemented municipal public utility, concessionary management policy, investment, encourage be not public economic policy to wait for a series of relevant reform policy, accelerated the reforming and opening of municipal and public industry and the development that commercialize economy. As most traditional municipal public utility, rubbish handled a domain to also change a government to drop financing channel onefoldly, and the development road that moved toward diversity of investment main body and financing channel diversification. From 1988 the first rubbish of our country burns after municipal environmental sanitation of city of factory —— Shenzhen handles factory building go into operation integratedly, during 15 ” of “ , the country has been in Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Harbin to wait for big city to build rubbish to burn power plant is close 30, and according to national “ 915 ” plan to ask, plan to build and burn in the rubbish that build power plant still will have nearly 60. Each province rubbish burns the construction pace of power plant also is being accelerated, save in Fujian only, will build 20 rubbish to burn again in coming 3 years power plant, rubbish burns generate electricity harmless change processing rate to will reach the level of world developed country of 70% .
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