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[Mechanical] machine of 1-7 month project grows 46%
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Industry of machinery of 1-7 month project sold production value to still maintain the fast growth level of 45.88 % , it is the growth in mechanical industry is the rapiddest child industry, maintain exalted concussion pattern. From appear on the market in light of the outstanding achievement report of the company, still put in certain difference with the data of the industry.

The industry exports delivery cost to grow 77.92 % compared to the same period, carry driving state. Exit delivery cost breaks through entire industry to sell the 10 % of production value first. Because clear competitive advantage is had on the international market, of future continuously high speed growth still can expect.

The engineering is mechanical each are main child crop of industry accumulative total increases fast diversity bigger: The production of squeezing ramming machinery continued the negative growth posture since the beginning of the year; Grab, forklift, remove those who weigh equipment to add fast the fall that with 1-6 comparing of phase of the moon all has 3 percent; Scraper instrument is added fast dropped a percent; The largest window that concrete machinery was July, only month output is last year the 196 % of the corresponding period, achieve the history new tall. The growth that main reason may be overseas market exit created new market opportunity.

Number of stage of each main product sale adds project machine fast continue hasten delay. The sales volume of forklift and automobile crane is added fast drop more apparent, reduced respectively than 1-6 month 6.5 with 4.3 percent; Grab, fork-lift truck and number of bulldozer sale stage are added fast what all do not have a percent is small go low.

Because the first job of current and macroscopical adjusting control is to maintain economy,prices of stable rapidder development, control rises too quickly, capital construction project may be loosened somewhat; Additional, the job rebuilds after shake area calamity begin, also create the sale that is project machine product new market. The yield that considers the industry is accumulated before this can release gradually, after all final result how, still remain to observe further.

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