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[Mechanical] China becomes shipbuilding big homebred can superfluous secret worr
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Look from the history, develop as the economy of different area, world ship industry had come true to arrive from England of the United States, Western Europe, Japan, Korea come from country of industrialization of go ahead of the rest for many times the industrial move of country of industrialization of of people of talent. Look in the personage inside a lot of course of study, the destination of next move will be China without doubt.

Domestic shipbuilding industry is hot

Guild of Chinese shipping industry expresses about the personage, current, year of shipbuilding ability of our country, year crop, hold order to all occupy world front row, china had crossed the cavalcade of world shipbuilding big country. Had such fundamental actual strength just about, china ability is qualified the formulate that participates in regulation of new play of international ship line of business.

As we have learned, since 2003, year of increment of Chinese shipbuilding crop achieve 2 million ~400 10 thousand tons. Realized year of shipbuilding 2006 14.4 million tons, this number had exceeded 18 million tons 2007, industry of shipbuilding of countrywide dimensions above realizes profit to amount to 20 billion yuan. 5 years of time, the shipbuilding crop of our country had come true to break up two times.

More notable is, chinese shipbuilding already rose to the 23 % 2007 from the 18 % 2006 in the portion of global market, 1/5 what break through global shipbuilding quantity first. Line of business of our country ship had come true by ask to be built by ship-owner roll out new vessel actively to the market model change, client group criterion by give priority to with small ship-owner to give priority to change with world-renowned big ship-owner. Current, chinese shipping product is complex spend coefficient already prep above Japan, main boat build cycle to approach world advanced level. Also be such a series of change, chinese ship line of business is appearing a successor to rank the state that go up.

2007, our country shipping is made receive order newly many tons 9800, house world the first, hold order many tons 15800, house world the 2nd. More delectable is, mastering boat of oil tanker, bulk cargo, container ship in the round while boat of 3 big main trends design makes a technology, china enters type of float of 300 thousand tons of large liquefied natural gas, class successfully already production is oil storage boat, large-scale rise platform of type artesian well to wait for high-end market oneself.

Produce can superfluous secret worry

According to association of Chinese shipping industry newest statistic, zhejiang shipbuilding is finishing first half of the year estimate 1.782 million carring capacity ton, surmount Liaoning to rank the whole nation the 3rd; New carry on shipping order for goods 8.059 million carring capacity ton, jump house whole nation the 2nd.

It is with stage city exemple, the small-sized ship with this the largest whole world makes a center, enterprise of build and repair of current and mutual shipping many 100, enterprise of form a complete set many 70. Production value grew industry of stage city shipping first half of the year 2008 52.8% , annual hopeful breaks through 15 billion yuan.
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