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[House property] 10 thousand divisions are adumbrative estate adjusts full-scale
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At the beginning of this year, when the card that plays bade style to rectify when 10 thousand divisions, many media reporters ask me, 10 thousand divisions is this kind of behavior adumbrative what? I tell a reporter, 10 thousand divisions regard domestic real estate as the most preeminent company, its behavior will appear adumbrative domestic estate market comprehensive adjustment, the price of domestic estate market returns to comprehensive reason. Because, 10 thousand divisions become 10 thousand branches, become the bibcock company of domestic estate, who be not to seal, however its company competition ability will reflect, be by the enterprise advocate thing person wisdom will reflect. Because, 10 thousand divisions can be planted in this intense market compares other company all the time in competition early so a bit or half pace. In fact, the sale of 10 thousand divisions is politic first half of the year be a success. Recently, somebody goes against city to call its building greatly dish the price should rise sale, sell however actually dozen fold, say “ is hit folding ” is not “ depreciates ” . The Chen Shuibian that is like the closest Taiwan is same, detect dispatch body says he hides “ archives ” , he says this however is not “ archives ” however “ affection endowment ” . Sale “ is hit folding ” is price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality originally whole, this person contest says this is not “ depreciates ” , this is “ is hit fold ” . What convey originally is same thing, the hope is conveyed with different idea feel OK practise deception. Equestrian ” behaves the “ Bai Mafei of a surname dragon here incisively and vividly, not be a horse in vain, it is white also; The horse is not Bai Ma, it is Ma Ye. Play such paronomasia also too underestimate the people's wisdom!

And 10 thousand divisions are different, in order to greet mid-autumn means, adopt concentration to depreciate to the 8 grail of Shanghai the means of favourable sales promotion. That is to say, this 10 thousand divisions tell the market explicitly again, understand the market according to its with sentence beforehand, the kind that takes the price to reduce will sell. According to the report, its result, this activity first weekend namely in August 30, inside, the person that buy a house in all subscribe 176 flatlet source, sale amount amounts to 268 million yuan. Sale of this kind of price fall succeeded again.

That is to say, the demand main body of estate market is watching the market all the time any a bit change, and other what is this kind of change, however the value of the market changes, the price can be report of news of city place some above its. E.g. , of 10 thousand divisions depreciate with respect to that 5% , the not little person that buy is entered. Also can go out from which, fall to be bought without the person the more the more to the sort of house price, buy the concern that should depreciate the more to also vanish completely without the person the more. Actually, any markets are mutiple level to the demand of one product, the purchasing power of demand main body, preference, anticipate etc different, be being approbated to the price of the product also is different. Accordingly, say to the demand of estate, same is a mutiple level market. Same housing, different price always has different person to enter. 10 thousand divisions can compare other company foregone such half pace, what strive for of course is right the market depreciates anticipate most diminutive. Accordingly, 10 thousand divisions went out its product sale not only, and the price that its sell also should be to compare other company to be close friends. No less than I am some earlier time place says, estate market did not sell the house that go out, do not sell the value that give only. In the estate market of current home, who depreciates first who is dominant.
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