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[Mechanical] the development existing state of affairs of machine of paint of sp
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Before spray paint technology appears, outdoors advertisement is in the scale inside advertising is very little, be by repulsion all the time beyond the media such as movie and TV, broadcast, newspaper, magazine. The measure that make is original, from quality of personnel of course of study on the low side, professional not strong, advertising effect connects advertisement advocate main demand short of, should not say to satisfy the need of beautification city environment more. At the beginning of 90 time, spray paint technology passes into our country, the technical content of the ad business that make is high and the picture is made excellent, but as a result of the device that introduces at that time little, house of the charge that make does not fall high (every square metre 1000 yuan of above) , seldom count famous brand enterprise to be able to afford only. But the propagandist effect of ideal of large and outdoors advertisement, everybody already be obvious to all.

In recent years, spray paint facility is progressively grow in quantity, bring about spray paint price to be reduced considerably. Low price, high quality picture, spurred the demand of broad client greatly; And the accretion of the quantity, make advertisement makes business confidence soar again, bought equipment is increasing. Not complete count, the machine of large spray paint inside countrywide limits, did not cross ten 1996, made an appointment with 20 1997, 98 years 60, 99 years 116, at present estimation is controlled in 300.

Development of industry of paint of spray of old width of cloth is really swift and violent. Shallow analyse is current in the device of paint of spray of 3 big main trends with the most popular international, american “ power special machine of paint of ” series spray with its breed stability of all ready, function, picture pledges admirable and the dominant position that is in spray paint industry; From bosseyed to double-faced, arrive from 2 meters 5 meters of fabric width, arrive from 36dpi the precision of 600dpi, arrive from 4 kinds paint of 6 kinds of spray everything needed is ready, basically can satisfy the need that picture of of all kinds and outdoors advertisement makes. The market of ” of angel of Israel “ contest and ” of “ Nuo Er has the kind that lead branch 2, 3.

To raise spray paint precision, new-style facility of big spray paint uses sprinkler head of the type that suppress report generally, ink uses solvent dye, product need not laminating can make sure outdoors does not fade two years, the rate that print is rapidder and rapidder, precision is taller and taller, mainstream type turns into by 5 meters of fabric width two years ago current 2.5 - 3.2 meters.

Be improved as these and machine of large spray paint is in the progressively saturation of large city, to facility of large spray paint, the question that leaves at present is: How to reduce machine cost considerably, the client of small town in letting also is canned afford; How to make facility of large spray paint applicable more bad news material, improve the quality that print further, enlarge applied limits. The rapid development that domestic and international market analyses form of the progressively development as our country reforming and opening, economy and day of beneficial accentuation with the association between international. In last few years, machine of paint of spray of color of number of old width of cloth regards advertisement as equipment and the burgeoning fruit that the technology develops, once come out, gain ground quickly inside global limits to come, the advertisement that also is our country at the same time makes domain infuse new vitality, promoted the development of outdoors advertisement media greatly, make outdoors advertising position progressively highlight.
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