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[Home appliance] hot pump water heater develops the current situation to analyse
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Efficient and energy-saving hot pump water heater already had quite wide application in abroad, also be paid close attention to in recent years in China increasingly. As an industry, while the evolution that heats up pump water heater to be in China is appearing a characteristic, also reveal a problem, how to make the development of hot pump water heater enters the grade of healthy standard, it is to annals needs faced task jointly at the company place that develops somewhat in this one domain, recognize market current situation is the premise that takes significant action, because this feels pulse the market,appear particularly important.

Hot pump water heater civilian business two markets differ greatly

Manufacturer of water heater of hot pump of source of family expenses air is more, basically produce manufacturer and solar energy manufacturer by air conditioning of original family expenses domestic transition and come. Majority of water heater of hot pump of source of the housekeeping money that produced a few days ago as a result of home air is hot pump lead plane add the store that takes heat exchanger to heat up cistern (fission type construction) , and hot pump lead plane is the outdoor machine that uses air conditioning of family expenses fission, can buy from manufacturer of family expenses air conditioning directly, cistern offers money by special cistern factory production, produce a sale to major housekeeping money hot pump so for the unit, basically intervene without too big doorsill this industry, also make an original and rich foreground is in however more than one year so a small profit turns into the industry inside time, before two years manufacturer of a few hot pump suffers bear pressure cistern is slack, copper pipe knot dirties, compressor answers oil bad, already produced product of family expenses hot pump no longer, affected family expenses to heat up the healthy progress of pump industry greatly.

Business is used model the manufacturer that water heater of air source hot pump produces truly is less, because technical threshold is higher, cost and difficulty of manufacturing cycle control are great, basically produce by manufacturer of central air conditioning, and the market relative to central air conditioning, business is used model size of market of hot pump water heater is too small, so plant of central air conditioning is not willing to intervene commonly or regard central air conditioning as the complement of range of products only. Business is used model the staff with the workmanship technical need of water heater of air source hot pump and system match strictly, special enthalpy differs a lab to undertake all sorts of environment operating mode check imitate, optimize air conditioning system and control system again next, and even after service works must by major factory of central air conditioning is finished.

Business is used model the yield that water heater of air source hot pump asks because of its hot water amount is large, working hours is longer, working environment is harsher to the configuration of aircrew respect and stability compare family expenses model reach central air conditioning to want tall, add its convention agency to be solar energy and boiler company for the most part, to heating up pump product the agency unlike central air conditioning is so professional, the product quality demand that so opposite produces manufacturer is higher, pass development of these a few years nevertheless, business is used model the production of hot pump water heater already was centered to factory of central air conditioning gradually, after all condition of control of the technology of this kind of manufacturer, dimensions, cost, experiment, after service is solar energy and family expenses air conditioning the factory accomplishs hard.
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