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[The sources of energy] who is tall coal price " shove a hand " with easy gains
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2 quarters are entered especially since this year, meteoric violent wind raises price of countrywide report coal, partial power plant purchases cost because of fuel exorbitant and stop machine. Electric coal price rises in what after all link, who is the “ of its backside pushs hand ” ? Who rises in epicycle coal price again gain profit in the process?

Recently, the reporter is produced along electric coal, carry, the flow direction of haven and user, tracking the discovery after surveying electric coal price, with state-owned big mine tells responsibility, executive contract to protect electric coal to differ, the person be driven directly that small coal mine makes tall coal price and the biggest person that gain profit.

The brigade ” of the “ price of coal of a ton of report

Shanxi Great Harmony is base of our country's famous dynamical coal production, production of its report coal, supply and the price, have bigger effect to countrywide market.

Ask a price of pithead of “ small coal mine is high, it is ready money business entirely. The controller of company of Great Harmony of transportation and sale of coal of the group that be the same as coal that ” is business with buying coal of local small mine says.

As we have learned, july the middle ten days of a month, small mine of place of Great Harmony area sends quantity of heat 5500 kilocalorie / kilogram price of electric coalpit opening is 580 yuan of / ton. A when the reporter chose county of left cloud of Great Harmony city small coal mine undertakes electric coal price track.

Price of pure coal of coal of a ton of report is 580 yuan, mount automobile use arrives beyond 70 kilometer a train collect use that calls Jin Hong coal station stands, the short distance freight among is 120 yuan / ton (include coal check, check contract and) of coal bill cost, carry went up to the coal price after the platform 700 yuan / ton (do not contain duty) ;

Stand in coal, shipment enterprise wants acting colliery to hand in 28 yuan of / ton can develop fund continuously, the overhead expenses plus coal him station 35 yuan / ton, the right now price that assemble a car, namely “ car board price ” , became 763 yuan / ton;

Electric coal assembles car of suffer from excessive internal heat, after a thousand li that passes big Qin Xian is carried, about 93 yuan should be added among / ton railway transportation expenses, 7 yuan - 8 yuan / ton incidental expenses; Arrived haven adds the port sundry fees that includes weigh, assay, store up to wait for charge inside to make an appointment with 20 yuan even / ton;

Such, carry to Qin Huang the electric coal price of insular harbor arrived 883 yuan of / ton. And these 883 yuan still are the price before duty only, after the tax that pays 13 % , coal price became 998 yuan / ton. This made the lading price of coal of this ton of report, also namely ” of price of “ smooth storehouse.
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