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[Steely] forecast: Price of rolled steel of near future China can rise considera
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Value of market of steel products of building of the middle ten days of a month began to get in June drop, in July along with backboard material price the middle ten days of a month also is entered in the round drop inside the passageway, enter this kind dropped August situation not only without slow down, drop quickly instead, short inside the month, the construction price that heads with whorl steel drops every tons 400 yuan or so, drop inside the month occupy always drop (the middle ten days of a month came in June in August end) 65 percent, in thick board every tons drop 200 yuan or so, drop inside the month occupy always drop (end came in June in August end) 88 percent, cold, heat coils board every tons drop 450 yuan or so, drop inside the month occupy always drop (the middle ten days of a month came in July in August end) 87 percent.

Caused rolled steel slump in price August most prime cause is sex of level of rolled steel market is begged for be more than, the market expects pair of prices drop to also have crucial effect, the wave motion of the insecurity of fund of the adjustment of steelworks producer price, market and international market price is right of the price drop the effect that has add fuel to the fire.

The case study that rolled steel price drops considerably continuously since August:

It is although low speed grows,rolled steel market is supplied, but supply still slants big. This year 1-7 month, crop of domestic crude steel is 308 million tons, grow 9.3% compared to the same period, cast iron 289 million tons, grow 7.6% compared to the same period. From apparently look, production of domestic iron and steel is added this year fast put delay considerably, steel, iron is added fast already all fell a digit, although this is a delectable expression, but because yield is higher last year, the absolute magnitude that produces this year still bigger.

2 be look from demand:  of assorted of ㄗ of pool of protruding of island of Pie of  of  of  expostulate with crouchs receive Ma of correct putting in order pair set dainty of ê of the live abroad that show  owes ひ of  of shaming naevus of Ti glad  to pound ⒄ channel  of Mu Jiaokang plaque grasps Song of glue of Fu of > of barrier stool  wining with dregs to be contrary to La of peptide of  be used to, press fixed price computation, grow 10.4% compared to the same period, than going up fall after a rise of year of the corresponding period 1.8 percent. The fixed assets this year invests growth actually to put delay apparently. Fixed assets of 1-7 whole society invests nominal amplitude to be 27.3 % , considering investment the price rises considerably, real investment amplitude relatively dropped apparently last year. Season of the Olympic Games, southern plum rains and flood affect demand, downstream demand suffers cost to upsurge and generation inhibition is opposite undoubtedly the ” of not exuberant market “ one disaster after another with original requirement.
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