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[Mechanical] statistic of imports and exports of our country medical apparatus a
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2008, in international economy big environment is faced with high-energy source and economy to add fast below the case that puts delay, gross domestic product (GDP) grew 10.4% compared to the same period, still maintained the growth of 2 digit. Our country exports growth to put delay and prices to upsurge, the situation that causes economic slowdown has begun to highlight. Under photograph comparing, foreign trade grows industry of medical apparatus and instruments to still keep strong first half of the year, but future suffers inflationary impact to will face enormous challenge.

Development of cure tool industry is rapid

According to custom statistic, 2008 first half of the year, amount of imports and exports of our country medical apparatus and instruments is 7.42 billion dollar, grew 32.09% compared to the same period, hold proportion of countrywide medicine imports and exports for 31.2% . Among them, exit forehead is 4.97 billion dollar, grew 35.48% compared to the same period; Entrance forehead is 2.454 billion dollar, grew 25.74% compared to the same period. Close interest of amplitude of entrance of exit amplitude prep above 10 percent, favourable balance forehead is compared the corresponding period enlarged 1.14 billion dollar last year.

Industry of medical apparatus and instruments grows engineering capability of profit from home to upgrade to innovate with the technology quickly in recent years, and become ” of production center of “ of world medical apparatus and instruments stage by stage, be in in succession like the transnational corporation such as riverside of GE, Xi Menzi, flying benefit Huajian is joint-stock factory or the center of research and development that build independence, through the technology move promoted product of our country medical apparatus and instruments to quality upgrades and made up for own product side to provide good help, in the product export side continues to become main force. In the meantime, install does home stride luck, friendship, innovation, new China the B that waits for an enterprise exceeds, the tutelar appearance, anaesthetic machine, lung ventilator, clinical equipment that monitor enclothe basically already domestic and international in upright product market, partial product already owned the share that comparative in the international market.

However, our country is right high-end product, wait for crucial technology and craft Shang Yuou like MRI, linear accelerator the developed country has beautiful day certain difference, the key is to lack own intellectual property, still need an industry to recombine to give aid to with policy. But put in ” 's charge to go back to the motherland as “ sea do poineering work, will lead a batch of civilian battalion the industry one pace is stepped in own innovation respect to high-end product, achieved development to lay good foundation to copy of industry of medical apparatus and instruments.

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