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Public praise sale this thing
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Public praise sale is public praise transmission and the be mixed that sale transmits. With public praise transmission is confined to the little scope such as kin friend neighborhood inside, differ without the commercial purpose, characteristic that plans without the organization, public praise sale has clear commercial purpose, and try to organize a plan by sale personnel, once it is inserted go up the wing of Internet, can transcend spatio-temporal limitation, let transmit limits to span acquaintance circle, make the communication between stranger is shared become a possibility, still maintaining public praise to transmit the characteristic with high reliability however.   

   Often cultivate new bud

Official position is equivalent to undersecretary of Ministry of Education, province teaching now appoint the director's Sichuan learns politics Zhang Zhi hole inspected the nose in working way to Lu city by ship 1873 the wine of a refreshing is sweet, differ a person to make wine rapidly then, endow with add to the fun to be recited poems, unexpectedly lackey went half days returning. Day arrives culmination, just see lackey is holding wine in the arms to altar trots and come. Zhang Zhi hole opens wine world, wine is sweet 4 excessive, after booze, breathe out repeatedly good wine. Lackey sees master light up with pleasure, also spoke those who make wine to suffer from laborious all the way. After former servant toes disembark, local of city audition Lu says, head of city battalion channel has to grow again south deep wine alley, name of best mill of a wine is Wen Yongcheng, be located in alley child most within. Lackey drinks the good wine such as before last to let Zhang Zhi hole, do not be afraid of the ask the way that find a person, spirit away pouring abduct is curved, found this wine lane eventually. Zhang Zhi hole listened lackey this is labyrinthian, not by blurt out: "Really wine is sweet do not be afraid of alley child deep ah. "Really wine is sweet do not be afraid of alley child deep ah..

This is the glamour that public praise transmits. Before mass communication appears, the channel that people gets information basically relies on person and person between face-to-face oral communication. Be in Latin America a few areas, because general National People's Congress is born about,have 28~32 tooth, the people figure over there and affectionately is what this kind of oral communication says 31 channel. Apparent, oral communication happens between kin friend neighborhood only, do not have commercial purpose to the evaluation of some product and service, although transmission range is narrow, but reliability is high.

The occurrence as mass communication and arisen, all sorts of sale that are based on mass communication transmit tool and thought to also emerge in endlessly. Advertisement advocate faced sale transmission environment is more and more complex, investment is larger and larger, but the effect however worse and worse, it is more and more difficult to persuade consumer to buy. Make the communication between person and person convenient and fast when the development that transmits a technology, transcend spatio-temporal limitation, public praise transmission begins bud to give one branch new shoot after the nutrient that the tree of this kind of old agency transmits in derive sale, it is public praise sale, namely to achieve stated commercial goal organization, in a planned way promotes all activities of public praise generation, transmission. In short, public praise sale is public praise transmission and the be mixed that sale transmits.
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