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The energy that achieves car brand with chamber of commerce opportunely encircle
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In making car brand sale a few years advisory, how does a problem that the client often encounters find the cause client with accurate essence namely. Sale learns to go up is to the answer of this problem, to the fish the ability in most pond angles most fish. And rising abruptly but the chamber of commerce that still did not pay close attention to for the person, it is that has most fish big pond that we are searching hard undoubtedly.

On September 23, 2005, guangdong saves Hunan chamber of commerce to hold water formally, 1000 much people attended to establish plenary session this, ou Anyuan of vice secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee holds the post of when, guangdong saves vice-governor Xudeli, pang Daomu of vice director of standing committee of Hunan Province National People's Congress, vice-governor He Tongxin attended Hunan Province to establish plenary session. The honoured guest that Ao Di is this second congress is appointed use a car exclusively, because of the attendance of numerous and provincial leader, local mainstream media gave a report in succession. Ao Di is outdoor exhibited a car to attract numerous the attention of entrepreneur of book of Hunan attending the meeting, take the arrival of Ao Di special as congress honoured guest, all focusing was in everybody's look on Ao Di body. The activity was ordered on the spot A6 of 3 Ao Di, product data of Ao Di also as congress presidium extend, entered numerous high quality along with all the others in intentional client hand, this has not included the sale effect of follow-up generation.

Organize the local chamber of commerce that be together with feature of ground predestined relationship, if Hunan chamber of commerce, Zhejiang chamber of commerce is mixed,organize the industry sex chamber of commerce that be together for the feature with industry profit, wait like chamber of commerce of furniture line of business, extremely strong cohesive affinity and force are had between the member, use proper, the sale encircling a layer that for car brand executive essence follows will have inestimable positive effect.

   The 3 great value of chamber of commerce

One, integrated amount the member unit of bigger, Gao Zhisu. It is with the Guangdong Hunan chamber of commerce that afore-mentioned mentioning exemple, arrive from a few original development more than 1000 members, established benefit city, flower now, Dongguan 3 agency and a professional committee. This amount still is an iceberg one horn. The Hunan person that is in business in Dongguan only already was amounted to 3 million, among them, asset already crossed 100 million yuan enterprise crossed 20, cross ten million have many 60, management domain involves a construction, make, carry, estate development, electron, furniture, mould, dress, high-tech, meal, hotel tens of industry. The Chinese's grumous agrestic complex condenses them together, fellow-townsman holds a group in the arms to come out to hit go all out, give aid to each other, had become go out outer the viewpoint of value of serious person arteries and veins of the person that be in business.
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