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Only store: Home appliance interlinks final lifeline
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Country beautiful, Su Ning, in chain of Chinese home appliance " beautiful revive " two big tycoons, in contend market share while, dynamic is deducing on another battlefield " invisible " war. Begin at the beginning of 8 years August " Xia Pu depreciates " incident, the problem of a platitude, however map the hardship that industry of home appliance chain grows is labyrinthian, after all the company of strong and retail chain that with the country beautiful, Su Ning is a delegate, how should handle the relation between manage and supplier? Do they have again severally what kind of but? Whether does the development mode of course of study of Chinese home appliance need to think over, improve?

   Busy season erupts fatigued and weak and helpless " depreciate help city "

National beautiful one-sided reduces fund of some of summerly general TV the behavior of retail prices, do not calculate inside home appliance retail trade on news, but such depreciating was adopted August behavior, show truly offend an eye. Compare with photograph of in former years, the cycle of home appliance sales promotion this year is thrown into confusion apparently, among them color television is had most representative, because hold the Olympic Games, it is originally a year in the season with color television the weakest sale, but in 6, July the color television sales promotion of huge of each manufacturer impetus oneself spread out, through depreciating, send the form such as high-grade gift energetically advocate push the high-end color television with big screen, high-definition support, go out in succession action contend for feed " Olympic Games " the market this " big cake " ; To the values generally Olympic Games business chance inside a such course of study, tell from some kind of meaning, the manufacturer is in this time paragraph the manner is active, can gain consensus basically with shopkeeper, do not need shopkeeper to use force, however the United States wants the state unluckily however Naxiapu " make sb the first aim of attack " , want " kill chicken to respect monkey " , coerce manufacturer makes here? Do not have this necessary it seems that!

Get to the bottom of sth, look from whole industry, before the Olympic Games, black report is sold somewhat to the limit of one's capacity, relatively the promotion with older than having photograph of in former years, but distributing from sales volume in light of, market of a gleam of is remote did not anticipate ideal, together with estate of each big city land drops into cereal bottom, secondhand the room clinchs a deal the volume drops considerably, decorate the market general cold and cheerless, this pervades to door inn include city of each big provincial capital inside the country of market of main ground level is beautiful, most a chill that experienced the market first, send at great expectations to be not had however result and return, a variety of evidence make clear a few " do not sit " shopkeeper is helpless " depreciate help city " , will answer the depression of the market.
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