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Area intensive cultivation and brand
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1. About intensive cultivation: Below current competitive situation and intensity, tan Jinggeng spy should be divided for 3 administrative levels.

(1) the first administrative levels is to carry channel to the market enclothe, form the market of exterior low administrative levels to have. In primary level of competition, can realize the value of channel and have the company of channel development through the action, affirmation can achieve progress and implementation sells a breakthrough. Actually, the fact had proved this. This phase happens basically in the later period in taking the place of 1990.

(2) the 2nd administrative levels is to pass the construction to terminal to form a static state to sell power. The value that realizes channel gradually when the enterprise when, develop channel energetically, what enter channel is coessential change level. This moment, partial enterprise is in take channel seriously while begin to pay close attention to terminal -- the place that consumer buys a product. The enterprise realises the product arrived channel is not equal to complete sale to go out, is corner is inside the storehouse of agent or agency only, essence is his terminal only, if cannot arrive in consumer hand,still need him enterprise finally to buy sheet. Then, the company that has prophetic vision partly begins to strengthen terminal construction, undertake decorating to selling the site, beautification and standardization, draw the attention of consumer with this. Pass terminal construction, the sale level of partial enterprise and ability got new promotion again, enhanced competitive ability. This level happening is after 2000.

(3) the 3rd administrative levels is establish deepness collaboration relationship with channel and terminal, get the active promotion of whole trench. Through the intense competition of before two phase, the enterprise was achieved basically also in the hardware construction respect of channel and terminal coessential change, you have me, your essence me also essence of life. Right now, partial enterprise begins to adjust direction, spell resource with adversary no longer, spell investment, the collaboration that begins to establish deep arrangement with terminal however concerns, especially the sales promotion personnel of terminal spot. Collaboration of this kind of deepness is with the other side the interest is a foundation, company promise gives terminal more interests and advantage, and premise is terminal wants to undertake to its product advocate push, affect the choice liability of consumer with this.

Horse race encircles the channel development of ground type, to the standardization construction of terminal, and deepness collaboration terminal advocate choose 3 arrangement that made channel spade husbandry. So, what should the standard of intensive cultivation be after all? The word of talk in generalities, intensive cultivation wants before accomplishing two arrangement at least, those who form area cover rate and good terminal construction. But, in the market with this so intense today competition, channel and terminal go already basically on the west coessential change, namely " you have me, your essence I also essence of life " , so, the word of the level that discusses intensive cultivation again had broken away from the meaning of its materiality, and the competition ability that what should pay close attention to more is sales volume and brand. This also is the enterprise undertakes of intensive cultivation is purpose and final pursuit really actually.
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