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ITAT, the identity is too much can not find north
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Say to also consider contact with some earlier with ITAT, when remembering be in 4 years, ITAT still is one trades with dress brand the enterprise that give priority to, ever ten run quickly, of BMW in Huadongde the area came " the brand goes 10 thousand lis " . Those who have ten countries such as so called England, France, Italy and area is grasp to register dress trademark in its hand at that time (it is 25 kinds basically, the part is 18 kinds) , every rent place's most luxurious 5 stars public house surely to a city, the dress that comes to place about manages enterprise and individual to reveal the brand in him hand to them, be made over through the brand or the means of accredit achieves earnings. Oneself still consult a company in in those days, those who work is apropos also also have similar work, automatical had some of connection.

Arrived in an instant 2005, one of these day the sell member of ITAT sent portion fax to me, saying is to begin to buy sell trade by pure before brand the creation that business turns to supply chain for the industry and handlers. At that time, according to oneself the understanding circumstance to this enterprise knows they did not trade in the brand only a few minutes of interests are acquired in this market, because although the hand is medium,master many brand natural resources, but the is brand LOGO of those abbreviation was opposite broad dress proprietor is accepted, not be right international brand namely also not be the substance that has operation capacity, "False foreign devil " the identity was to be not washed white.

Be 3 pass, see ITAT now again, before long because its " innovation " mode made a new standard inside Chinese garment industry! Go up to be supplied downstream through alleged conformity with sell a resource, what have China is medium or small operator gather rises, form group effect. "Supplier ITAT business land agent " it is ITAT is brought think be proud " iron triangle " mode. Specific and character, garrison for ITAT namely bazaar, do not rent euqally imprest hire like the tradition, divide sale and market into however. In the meantime, ITAT implements strategy of 0 payment for goods, not prepaid payment for goods, is sale and supplier cent is become likewise. The tripartite cent of supplier, ITAT, bazaar is about into scale 60: 35: 15. Look so, can the identity of ITAT deny cent to a few kinds be as follows?

   Business of brand resource hold

The brand that sells the much in field is managed to be ITAT place hold in place, the operator of the brand and all average per capita are ITAT, the supplier is feeder of its kinds or types of goods only. From this and brought result is: The vendibility that the brand grows in management process brought inestimable intangible assets for ITAT.

Original ITAT trades in the brand in walking is hard, because just face independent label,do business namely, and not any can offer management actual resource. Come so, existing brand had supplier of rich kinds or types of goods not just, implicative sale sells a resource, terminal management resource (supply chain management system and shop manpower resource to wait) , the market of brand early days extends accrual to be in for a short while by ITAT etc build end, right now brand trades is a simple LOGO not just just, the much that it had formed place of company of a brand to need manages entity, made a product brand that can consume for the market. Accordingly, at this moment trade the forehead is spent is not at the outset that " naked " LOGO comparability relatively.
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