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Voice will have prospective medicine retail trade a big play
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Industry is at present right the development direction of voice also is undertaking medical retail trade discuss and be forecasted ceaselessly, but often be basis of industry public figure the deduction that the development state of affairs in a certain period of time gets some a few businesses, the author thinks the development of voice forecasts medical retail trade besides using afore-mentioned not complete induction to undertake study, still can use the method with kinetic system, arrive deep influence medicine retail trade of voice immanent because mix,move explicit because of,move in undertake pushing acting.

When does retail industry begin medicine have " industry condition " concept already very bad textual research, the author judges medicine according to each data retail industry has " industry condition " of the concept budding should begin at the later period in 90 time, retail industry began medicine to detect stage by stage Chinese retail industry is undertaking all sorts of medium industry condition changes, the personage inside course of study also walked along door going abroad to see foreign medicine retail trade the rich and colorful of voice and extended train of thought stage by stage, after 2001 " industry condition " it is to begin what to pay close attention to for drugstore operator more. Because the policy of medical industry is restricted, the characteristic of characteristic of not complete competition and medicines and chemical reagents, medical retail trade the development phase of voice is retail to China for the industry, should appear slow and puerile, but in last few years very rapid in draw lessons from with admit all sorts of domestic and international retail trade the development of voice, present the diversity feature that gives a kind to abound.

In retail industry, the research that develops about industry condition has card of retail metempsychosis theory, differentiate to develop academic, accordion theory, nature to choose theory of academic, lifecycle to wait theoretically, every kinds of theory can explain the phenomenon that voice development evolves into one part retail trade, for example the general merchandise inn that retail metempsychosis theory can explain China, supermarket, cause that betrays an ordinal dominant greatly, differentiate disease progress can explain different retail trade theoretically between voice imitate each other draw lessons from, accordion theory can explain why to appear of general merchandise inn, professional inn, shopping centers alternately, natural choice can explain theoretically why retail overlord of Japan is early or late 3 jump over supermarket of general merchandise, great glory, Yi Teng inn of advantage of GMS of foreign Hua Tang, 7-11... these theory understand medical retail trade to us the certain change of voice has active sense, but cannot explain completely however and accurate forecast Chinese medicine retail trade the development of voice.
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