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Voice will have prospective medicine retail trade a big play
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3) the influence that urban and rural n duality is changed and census register system needs medicine to population and talent flow.

4) the linkage that voice change gives the other retail trade that is not medicine the side such as pattern of the idea that voice brings medical retail trade, talent, management.

5) the company value that our country commercializes a process to bring is the greatest change a requirement, the capital that enters medical industry raised strong demand to profit pattern and gain ability.

And immanent because differ somewhat because of every enterprise,move.

The place on put together is narrated, before the author thinks to look, will forecast retail trade of our country medicine the development of voice returns the period of the day from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. premature, still be in the primary status that let a hundred flowers blossom at present, what retail business is in medicine to change ceaselessly is explicit because mix,move immanent because developing in concussion below action,move, although did not come,the overall trend that industry condition develops is diversity, poor dissimilation, fine become divided, standardization, careful change, but after all which industry condition can become an overlord truly, we still await patience, voice development will have retail trade of prospective China medicine a big play.

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