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Shanghai is released travelled 2010 economic norms
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Today is 2010 worlds rich can time 600 days, shanghai travel industry released the rich that receive a life 600 days yesterday action plan. The plan is specific, when to 2010 world rich can be held, shanghai should build world-renowned travel city, become the shopping cate with Asia-Pacific famous area at the same time, of recreational consumption, Jieqinghui exhibits mix of culture style, let 70 million global tourist experience to the top of one's bent in Shanghai " city, make the life better "

Shanghai should build world-renowned travel city, make the overall development level of travel industry is in Asia-Pacific area lead position, have a group of detailed economic norms: To 2010, shanghai travel gross earnings should achieve 310 billion RMB, income of travel foreign currency reachs 8 billion dollar, pass the night enters a country tourist average per capita costs 1000 dollars, domestic travel income achieves 245 billion RMB; Enter a country number of travel pass the night achieves 8 million person-time, domestic travel number achieves 120 million person-time; Travel is direct obtain employment scale is achieved 5.2% ; Travel occupies proportion of whole town GDP to strive for achieve 9% , make city tourism makes the significant growth that drives development of this city socioeconomy extremely.

To achieve this goal, city travels appoint resource of network of promotion of resource of resource of zone of zone of will compositive resource of industry of whole town travel, long triangle, countrywide high-quality goods and sale of travel of global world rich, advance " 4 individual departments " construction, namely system of system of the system of system of new-style urban image promotion, travel development innovation that fills lease of life, good travel service environment, modern travel function form a complete set. Specific and clear 5 tasks: Strategy of travel of high-quality goods of executive world rich, begin world rich to enrol guest job with all one's strength; Resource of travel of integrated Shanghai city, do make brand of job of division of Jiang Shibo travel greatly; Strengthen legal environment to build the job, perfect world rich travels sincere letter mechanism; Begin world rich talent to groom energetically, comprehensive promotion from quality of personnel of course of study; It is forerunner with travel informatization, establish system of first-rate information of world rich travel.

City travels appoint express, time 600 days in the rich that receive a life, 500 days, 400 days, on day and 300 day, 200 6 time node of 100 days, will hold world gain travel of rich of world of forum of travel of rich of travel food festival, world, long triangle is large seek advice recommend, the activity such as interpose of extrapolate of sea of label of catchword of conduct propaganda of world rich travel and conduct propaganda. Recruit of volunteer of travel of rich of 10 thousand worlds, areas of 10 great noctivagant respect are chosen, 1 million families greet long triangle world rich, You Shibo, rich viewing a world, 1 million youths greet long triangle the activity such as world rich, You Shibo, rich viewing a world also will spread out in succession.
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