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"Walkman" steps down altar: Coil up of divide evenly of bore with a reamer
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2005 second half of the year, suoniaili believes what wait for Walkman music mobile phone by right of W800c, W550c to roll out, an orange storm was raised quickly in market of Chinese mobile phone, however after 3 years today, once was held in both hands because of be chased after by fashionable youth and the appetite that the Walkman music mobile phone of fashionable streets and lanes has stimulated consumer very hard. Change an advantage to be lost gradually as product diversity, suoniaili believes the lead position in domain of musical mobile phone be replaced by the Nuojiya of the latercomers surpass the formers gradually. Encounter XpressMusic when Walkman, the backside that Suo Ni loves to establish runner dissimilation strategy to be surmounted after all under cover what kind of miserable?   

   Walkman: The musical mobile phone that walks out of below poor dissimilation strategy " patristic "

2005 first half of the year, chinese market has music to broadcast mobile phone sales volume of the function to occupy the proportion of whole market to still be less than 10 % , the mobile phone of real music concept has not appear. The major that accumulates in place of cassette machine market by right of Suo Ni is sensitive, nose of ground of acumen of manufacturer of mobile phone of this Asia-Europe half-blooded this one market opportunity that provides growing potential extremely, in the market leader at that time Nuojiya, Motolora still is in for 300 thousand take a picture like element the mobile phone goes all out when getting life-and-death, the letter discovered Suoniaili " musical mobile phone " this one blue sea, roll out decisively it is with Walkman child the series music mobile phone of the brand. The fact proves, suo Ni loves to establish a letter to choose this one opportunity to roll out sex of the look up before mobile phone product has the music that difference changes very.

The core of the poor dissimilation strategy that alls alone Niaili believes Walkman music mobile phone is product poor dissimilation, the crust facial expression that basically reflects the target that follows in essence of life to consume group of fixed position, make public, Walkman that makes for fashionable men and women only is exclusive player and relatively independent Walkman child brand.   

Consume in the target group on the choice, letter general centre of gravity puts Suoniaili in the young consumption that has style of regular income ability, pursuit group on. This part is consumed group it is certain to have buy capacity, the ego that pays attention to a mobile phone to arise to its more expresses an interest, additional, very important is this part crowd is willing to try new thing, detest drab, insipid the life, like change. Because the target consumes the characteristic of group of recipient strange things, w800c and W550c appear on the market to get fashionable men and women chase after hold in both hands.   
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