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Executive force the 2nd pace: Flow is transformed, transform again
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Flow, " dictionary of contemporary Chinese language " the explanation is " in industrial product production, make the program that into finished product each job plans from former expect " . Now the flow of generally refer to, it is to say a company inside formal or informal, of established by usage work method. The enterprise creates value through a series of activities, flow has the kind of these activities namely. For example the enterprise must want to do after service activity, in order to get lifelong value of the client, how making after service is a process, how does service personnel answer a client to complain, how to undertake instructor wait to the client, it is the process of an a complete set of, this is flow. Flow should is with the client oriented. These processes can be the standard exercise technological process that proclaimed in writing sets, also can be the practice of fixed habit. Technological process is different, the method is different, the outcome is different also, after these processes form a system, constituent ability and performance arose at this point.

"Invite flow conversation, flow is the only outlet that will say translate into is done. " in all sorts of flow that are in an enterprise, most the flow that of core is personnel, strategy flow and operation flow 3. The target of strategic flow is to make sure the enterprise can formulate right industry competition strategy. The target of operation flow is to make the company competes with the enterprise on the foundation in existing manpower natural resources appropriate operation is made plan below strategic premise, it is the union of strategic flow and personnel flow. In executive force organization, these 3 flow are mutual coupling surely, among them any flow cooperates with two another photographs, is not alone design.

It is with EDS company of the United States exemple, this company has move and bright dispatch company's same history background. It once made a land on the bag outside computer service. But when market happening changes, EDS does not have seasonable follow-up, make the company lost development opportunity, enterprise benefit is serious coast.

Hold the post of a high level newly to lead Dick Braun is one pays attention to the entrepreneur that carry out very, it is very clear that he does anything go doing by who, how is ability finished. He assumes office the business that beginning started dynamic is wholesale recombine. He has department of business of 40 many strategies reorganizationing, undertake for the center by 4 fractionize market business line is combined. New organization already was not just differentiate according to what market business undertakes, use EDS company's rich intellective resource adequately however, bring each firm departments into play to provide the service of more considerate satisfaction for the user. During this, employee people mastered new mastery of a skill or technique not only, and learned to have new club below new organization, transformed past department thoroughly between " never in contact with each other " traditional, cooperation of entire company solidarity is like one person. Braun's successful the biggest factor is, he is good at assigning the task of executive plan to everybody to go up personally in detail, make the implementation of the task not archives of leave a blank.
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