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The sword of god of 6 arteries and veins that without shop shopping industry man
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Why is the successor resided on?   

20 years in future even 50 years, of China without shop shopping industry will grow flourishingly. In traditional retail trade gradually type is small today, enterprise, give priority to the enterprise in the development that guide with market sale especially, must occupy first machine, enter what shop without shop to prepare as early as possible mix or carry out condition, will receive new commercial wave. In many companies that early days contacts, have have be defeated, have so that have break, but for whole, hold office at court this direction transition. There are numerous B2C and media to shop in front (oak fruit international, joy is bought, buy easily quickly, unripe healthy of Oriental CJ, beneficial, DHC, VANCL, red child, Maikaolin) successful case gives us lead the way, what we need to do is to check this to be mixed correctly confidence of sturdy magnetic circuit, if the road is correct, we should build muddy road into asphalt driveway, freeway, the faster benign health that drives business develops.   

Manage shop without shop, to most enterprise, it is the mode of a kind of innovation, may touch greatly the company is original business configuration or commercial pattern, produce management structure fission even. New commercial form or commercial model will naturally raise taller requirement to the management of the enterprise, the author wants to be opposite from the following angle operator to table a proposal, in order to offer reference.   

1, it is with the person this.   

Path, can, special path. Humanism is the problem of platitude. We need the explanation with simple truth stereo more. The author is so called humanism, it is not only it is with the person this foundation, more union does not have shop mode in more the business model of core and commercial concern will unscramble.

Person. It is the talented person that manages without shop trade operation above all, professional talent.

Having shop to shop is the innovation that consumes base of retail trade state to go up in the tradition, a kind more major and scientific mode, need has the professional of integrated ability more.

In the relevant link that shops without shop, center of transmission of plan of product situation, sale, media, call, content shedding, pay wait to matter to the success or failure with this kind of ultimate mode directly, it is photograph of an annulus annulus is buckled, of be as close as lips and teeth carry on relation, the talent's action is to make sure the moment of truth does not drop chain, the bank that does not send a thousand li destroys Yu Yi acupuncture point.

Person. It is the group of unity is strength next.

The author emphasizes for many times, the annulus annulus photograph that runs a segment without shop is buckled, and every link is a connecting link between the preceding and the following certainly, organic benign union. The success of the business is the success of the group certainly. Actually, mix to so open now sex in global economic wave, the times of heroic creed had ended.
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