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Choose and employ persons is the path of a not simple
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Oneself are being done there is a lot of bosses, agency to often ask about how to servantchoose a person for a job when seeking advice, how to use the talented person to the problem on edge? I like a the Three Kingdoms, we still are drawn lessons from from the history draw lessons from, look how to servantchoose a person for a job truly.

Last years of a dynasty or reign of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world big chaos, zhu Geliang Yu Longzhong bend forward agrarian Gansu mu, classics Liu has after " ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly " piece hill is used for its; Zhu Gejin of its elder brother, avoid random Jiang Dong, via Yu Sunquan of Jian of consult of great of Sun Quanmei husband, get courteous reception. It is first long history, na Jun is after viceregal, again hind for imperatorial, get comfort city herd.  

Zhu Gejin gets put sb in a very important position, caused the jealousy of a few people, backbite his Ming Baosun, the dark equipment that connect Liu, be used by Zhu Geliang of his little brother actually. For a short while rumor rise from all directions, topic of the town. Be apt to of abdicate of land of Sun Wu's famous general bright dispute, after he hears of special astonish, go up at once the watch keeps play music, state Zhuge Jin breadth of mind is magnanimous, devotion thing, do not have disloyal thing at all, adjure Sun Quan not to want slanderous talk of believe what one hears, should remove the doubt to him.

Sun Quan say: "Child gem work together with me old, favour if flesh and blood, each other also understand very lucidly. To his humanness, I know, the thing of disagreement morality and justice is not done, the word of disagreement morality and justice does not say. Liu Bei sent Zhu Geliang to come once upon a time east when, I ever two pairs gem has said: " you and Kong Ming are full brother, and the little brother should follow an elder brother, follow a rational line to do some work well also is on the truth, why don't you stay him, he dare not violate elder brother meaning, I also can write a letter to persuade Liu Bei, liu Bei also won't disapprobation. ' at that time child gem answer me to say: "My little brother Zhu Geliang already equipment of Liu of go and seek refuge with sb, should partisan Liu Bei; I work in your at hand, should be faithful to you.

This kind of attributive decision Jun Chen's cent, say from morality and justice, cannot be of two minds. My brother won't stay in east, won't going to the kingdom of Shu Han as me is a truth. ' these words, enough shows his high quality and style, which can appear the thing that the sort of circulating? Child gem be to won't lose me, I also won't be lost child gem. Before before long, I ever saw the memorial to the throne of those diction unfounded, seal on the spot rise group person gives child gem, I wrote a holograph letter to give child gem, got his letter in reply very quickly. Political integrity of official of the world gentleman was discussed to have the reason of certain v/arc a person's status oneself in his letter, make I very suffer touch.
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