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Coke Cola is bought collect a source appetent He Wei
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September 3, 2008, coke Cola company announces to draft 17.92 billion yuan to buy the fruit juice that collect a source external, instantly of news of this one explosion spreads everywhere to the whole world, one is the whole world tycoon of beverage of the biggest carbonic acid, one is China's biggest juice company, both in one becomes between day, of exclaim, hard to avoid lets person generation associate: Does Coke Cola buy the purpose that collect a source where to?

Coke Cola respect claims, buy collect a source to be able to bring value to partner, can form business complementary, can bring more selections to China, can strengthen Chinese business. These are the words on the desktop, well-known, hold water at the Coke Cola 1886, it is brand of hundred years world, it is global big boss, although be global old, but in recent years Coke Cola operation not very suitable, in the whole world many areas and national sale have drop, be in namely its whole world market of the 4th big sale -- China, its sale also does not have very big improvement, and 100 things coke, special coke also brings sale pressure to it, come for years the sale much confine that Coke Cola is in China is in market of class of just a little, 34 class market is rarely seen its product. In fruit juice respect, the brand such as the beautiful source of Coke Cola, sale respect also is inferior to farmer spring, all first-class, fruit juice of China of prep let alone the first brand -- collect a source.

Look from another angle, carbonic acid beverage is not the development direction of prospective beverage, a few countries had been not advocated drink carbonic acid beverage, and fruit juice beverage is some closer truly year of burgeoning industry that come, should be sunny industry. Than who this Coke Cola is clear.

Have after pursue the case that there is pressure before arms, coke Cola to ensure its run the strategy, must finds better economic point of growth for future, in order to ensure its are in beverage overlord position of the whole world. Because this Coke Cola is in put forth effort of fruit juice respect is long already, reachcapture eventually today opportunity, annex of with one action collects a source.

Brand of another nation fruit juice is faced with disappear, although Coke Cola says reservation collects source brand now, withhold only do not make, the brand that collect a source can disappear naturally, coke Cola is used " refrigerant law " but terminative brand of a nation! The destiny that sees the Chinese nation brand such as Le Baishi, big treasure, China be bought, with respect to know a little about!

Although the fruit juice that collect a source belongs to the group that collect a source, because do big, do strong, the first fruit juice of make it China brand, became a state, of the nation, collected a source to already condensed ethical feeling, placed the hope of ethical industry, now " submissively " be swallowed, sadness of hard to avoid!
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