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6 action shape your brand image
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20 centuries 50 time, defend • greatly the idea that the angle that Aogewei transmits from the brand advances to taste brand image to travel, advocate establish brand image with advertisement. So far, the concept of brand image begins to enter the field of vision of people, model brand image to become the serious content that portrays a brand. Brand image is the summation with cognitive to the brand consumer, it is the overall performance of brand competition ability. The market competition of 21 centuries basically is with " figure force " the brand that is a center competes, brand image how, the brand that matters to an enterprise directly runs a state, whether are the product that matters to an enterprise or service accepted for consumer place, also matter to the success or failure of the enterprise.

In the process that shapes brand image, although a lot of shortcut can be searched, also want to follow certain principle nevertheless. Include marrow of brand of base oneself upon, creation distinctive image and retain the principle such as around consistency. Brand image is not a castle in the air, without foundation creation does not come out; Brand image has inside information of its intrinsic value, be pair of brand meanings conclude, to the explanation of brand symbol, it must depend on and be subject to at brand marrow. Accordingly, shape brand image must base oneself upon at brand marrow, include to understand and transmit brand fixed position and brand individual character.

However, in practice of brand image fictile, of image of a lot of brands make the abstraction that did not have brand image intention. Perhaps undertook abstracting but the connotation that did not abstract regards brand image fictile as deep-seated foundation. A lot of enterprises depend on those who be not science " assume sth as a matter of course " or the brand that empiricism should roll out to oneself concept of a figure, the lacks brand connotation form that offers to this without foundation energetically again undertakes transmission and run, such practice was violated apparently " base oneself upon at brand marrow " this one principle. And violate image of brand of fictile of this one principle to escape hard two ending: Congenital inadequacy and complete failure. The brand image that runs a success by good luck will be being deepened further bottleneck is encountered in the process with development, lack connotation and details to make a priori of image of this kind of brand insufficient, be like treasure of golden voice larynx; The effective prescription of cure remains mining brand marrow, let brand image model an establish at its brand connotation. And more it is the example that the brand models complete failure, image of how many brand in the market transitory, once sufferred even world-renowned brand Coke Cola the penalty that violates this one principle. Of Coke Cola " classical " figure is based on its brand marrow to be made meticulously come of hold together, however, should face 100 things coke " the coke of new generation " when the challenge, coke Cola rolls out to do not have connection as completely as its brand fixed position and individual character unexpectedly " new-style " coke recipe, the figure of this one sky is accepted very quickly because of the rejection of consumer and be washed out, restore afresh till Coke Cola " classical " course, this one disturbance just is able to appease.
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