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Doughty group mode: Si Bada phalanx
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BC 480 years, persia country is kingly command of Xue Xisi generation 500 thousand main forces, more than 1000 battleship, attack in force Greek. Xue Xisi generation to Greek each city-state gives out book of induce to capitulate, this includes Si Bada city among them, result, encounter the resistance of Greek each country. To resist strong opponent, kingly Lieaonidasi leads bold and powerful Sibada to make an appointment with 7000 people by the Greek allied forces that build up everywhere and comes in person, take the lead in hurrying to hot spring to close, guard all round the pass in relief strategic place. Expeditionary and come, after the Persia army that has used up a large number of military strength in intense naval battle arrives at hot spring to close, got Greek allied forces resists tenaciously, aggression of a few days all announces failure, right now, greek by Persia army bribe, guide Persia army to copy alley to involve rear sneak attack from hot spring Greek allied forces, the Greek defending troops that arrange prevents not as good as is very fast by smash. To save actual strength, lieaonidasi falls in the circumstance of be attacked front and rear, command the brunt of Greek allied forces pulls out quickly, in order to save actual strength, oneself lead bring up the rear of Trojan of 300 Si Bada in person, with what exceed him number hundredfold Persia army spread out life-and-death to fight, final, these 300 Trojan are all die in the last ditch, also make Persia legionary close the bitter price that casualty of nearly 20 thousand people paid in one battle in hot spring at the same time.

We are affected by place of this paragraph of history with the shock while, another thing that has magical charm also is attracting us, that is Sibada when the person fights, use " Si Bada phalanx " . This is one fight wonderfully a law, no matter be pounded what kind ofly won't break the ranks; This also is a law of be terrified of an other mate, almost every time all without exception of phalanx of the Si Bada in battle is to use the enemy's head and blood to celebrate a victory. This doughty phalanx made the machine of mobile fort, kill. In specific before telling about Si Bada phalanx, we are necessary to understand Sibada first this fierce and warlike country.

Si Bada is to be in Gu Xila and Athens eponymous slavery country, actual strength of its military affairs is next to Athens, and in uncle Luo Ben Buddhist nun scatters the Sibada in the war with be being gotten the better of less much, defeat Athens, athens submits oneself to the rule of from this Yusibada. Athens and Sibada are in the respect such as politics, economy, culture, military affairs has distinguishing feature each, athenian industry and commerce develops, culture education is prosperous, execute slave owner democracy of progress; Si Bada expands agriculture and war, culture is relatively backward, execute conservative aristocratic oligarchy, to prevent Sibada person interior the rich and the poor splits up, the countryman must not use bullion to make a money, use the iron money with low value however. Si Bada's person does not allow to do except the other thing beyond the military affairs, for instance commerce, culture, art, this is a lives for the war nation. In martial side, si Bada is force of main military affairs with army, also be good at a land battle most, si Bada army is feral in fight doughty, it is Greek and other each city-state army can not be likened to, si Bada seeks hegemony with the armed strength Greek.
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