[Group plan]The concern sale of different dispo" /> [Group plan]The concern sale of different dispo" />
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[Group plan]The concern sale of different dispo
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The morning that busies in is when you when the elevator that waits for the office, you can see the person of the following kinds of types normally:

1) can enter elevator directly, close the door by pushbutton.

2) always can let others receive lift, can say: "Speed comes! Certainly still the place stands! Certainly still the place stands!!

3) will be patient queue up, but can move to issue from this one, look indecisive, if elevator looks already full, he can await the next time opportunity.

After 4) walks into elevator, if feel very crowded, they can begin to count a person, if the number exceeds limitation, they can call a person to give lift.

These 4 kinds of setting show trait of 4 kinds of disposition respectively actually: D / decision-making ace, I / public relations ace, S / EQ ace, C / analytic ace.   

A day, pieces the salesperson is small walk into the client's office, extend a hand enthusiasticly to send one's respects to to the client: "King manager, latter? Did the football game yesterday look? Chinese team played smelly ball again, XX (star) was punished again a few yellow shop signs " , the client is extremely loath extend a hand to come. Xiaozhang to pull close with the distance between the client, enquired the client concerns domestic issue a few times again, after still talking about a weather, begin to introduce the character of its product and advantage.   

In the major while that introduces a product in Xiaozhang, fishily is taking client side, ask a few specific technicality, small Zhang Ye is solved by what the individual's understanding makes general only. This interview winds up the matter hastily, not any trade but character, also do not have the time that the agreement is contacted next time or farther phone contacts even.   

After Xiaozhang leaves client office, this client that begins to complain the face sees today is how unnatural, how chill; Meanwhile, the whisper also makes in client heart, the member that this is sold today, so unfamiliar to the professional knowledge of own product, and such however to the prattle that a few business have nothing to do and domestic privacy take delight in talking about?   

Of any products or service purchase, the final person that carry out is remained " person " , the person has play of colour of style, feeling and disposition feature different. The salesperson often can discover, some clients get along more easily and some get along so not easily like someone else; Same communication method is effective to A client, but caused huge allergy however to B client, with respect to the situation that like the member that sell Xiaozhang encounters, this is the diagnostic be caused by that the person has different nature actually.   
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