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Marketing Conference 2010 held in China soon
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Chinese market in 2010 can be described as changing, competitive market makes the business all his charm, marketing, innovation, whether it is the traditional beverage market, or the IT market, one after another marketing event has to break the traditional areas of marketing expertise, direct impact on to the hundreds of millions of consumers living space, become the focus of social concern. Marketing has never been this deep into every corner of society as a social act. Looking back on 2010, it is to maintain stable and rapid economic development of our country, change the mode of economic development made brilliant achievements of the year. In order to implement the party's seventh session of the Fifth Plenary Session, the establishment of long-term mechanism to expand consumer demand, promote the brand marketing of advanced experience, dissemination of effective winning market new ideas, new model, and guide enterprises to expand domestic demand, improve the marketing level, Chinese business Enterprise Management Association, the China Marketing Association, the National Business Daily Union, China Marketing Research Center, Beijing Technology and Business University Business School, the Chinese business newspaper, magazine advertising, the Chinese Academy of Creative 2011 January 15 to 16 jointly organized in Beijing, China 2010 Conference and Marketing Innovation Summit brand marketing. Mr. Ye, Chen Fang and other experts will marketing, brand management, enhance the competitiveness of business model innovation, business capital operation, the degree of international business network to speak of non-store marketing. And now compared to many of the relevant meetings, the conference will be released 2010 China top ten marketing events, marketing man of ten years and ten top ten marketing, marketing planning agencies and planning experts, released best-selling brand in China, China Strong marketing communication media, cutting-edge marketing planning in China and Chinese business leaders in person, and strive to ecological chain from the perspective of marketing, summed up the memorable full-year 2010, issued by the General Assembly will first set up the Chinese market "marketing gold." The General Assembly will be in the professional institutions and the community-related organizations on the basis of a lot of research, published in 2010, China Marketing Report (White Paper) and the Declaration of marketing, as well as "classic marketing case 2010, the Chinese market."