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" weekly broadcasting television signs up for " 2008 advertisement tariff
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" weekly broadcasting television signs up for " 2008 advertisement tariff

Weekly broadcasting television signs up for brief introduction:
" weekly broadcasting television " newspaper, start publication 1955, 3 of congener newspaper of the whole nation below Ceng Chuang " most " : Travel of start publication, fair development is the earliest, circulation is the biggest, advertisement, issue achieve profit most. This newspaper already was become in order to introduce broadcast movie and TV fundamental news and the gazette of seeing and hearing that recommend wonderful program to give priority to. Rely on the ceaseless development of course of study of Shanghai broadcasting television, it retained the trait of professional newspaper already in the Shanghai with masses bristly medium, also win bigger and bigger impact and reader group, become Shanghai citizen to love generally to mix one of gay newspaper.
" weekly broadcasting television " the traditional and exclusive dominant position that the newspaper maintains and stresses encyclopedia of broadcasting television seeing and hearing, dash forward show " the service is consummate " run a newspaper tenet, focusing society heat, attention common people lives, fractionize gets numerous market, offer close inspect the personalized service that listens to demand, concentrated force quantity introduces each channel, frequency titbits of behind the curtain of wonderful part purpose, distinctive story, provide the information of high capacity teleplay of fresh, quick, good-looking, satisfy one's thirst for the reader.
" weekly broadcasting television " the newspaper issues limits to cover complete Shanghai, radiation grows trigonometry, circulation resides the whole nation high all the time not only first of congener and provincial newspaper, be in Shanghai each are big in the press also from beginning to end be among the best of candidates.


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