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2009 China (Ning Bo) exposition of international equipment manufacturing industr
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Cloth extends time: On April 21, 2009 - on April 22, 2009

Show time: On April 23, 2009 - on April 26, 2009

Remove extend time: On April 26, 2009 - on April 26, 2009

Can exhibit place: Peaceful wave international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit: Chamber of commerce of entrepreneur of international of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference, Germany, Zhejiang saves Economic Commission of city of bureau of medium and small businesses, Ning Bo

Undertake unit: Association of equipment of machine tool of city of guild of mould of peaceful wave city, peaceful wave carries out undertake: Shanghai Dong Boguo border shows limited company

Assist run an unit: Information of city of bureau of bureau of foreign trade of peaceful wave city, science and technology of peaceful wave city, peaceful wave does, government of people of division of government of people of division of government of people of river north division, Hai Shu, Jiang Dong

What belong to an industry: Mechanical / industry / treatment

Be in an area: Zhejiang province | Peaceful wave city

Can exhibit a description:

The area advantage with distinct ●

▲ China- - the ” of “ world plant of 21 centuries.

▲ Ning Bo- - city of city of the economic center city of the ala austral Chinese long delta, content shedding center, center of Electromechanical manufacturing industry, China's main manufacturing industry base.

▲ Ning Bo- - U.N. evaluates China to have one of development future cities most; 2007 " Chinese city competition ability reports " Ning Bo city is integrated competition ability lists China (contain port. Bay) the 8th.

Harbor of logical sequence of north of ▲ peaceful wave is chinese mainland the 2nd big haven, haven port's cargo throughput will amount to 300 million tons 2007, container handling capacity will amount to box of 7 million mark. Had been to grow the thing with trigonometry the most important area to shed distribution centre at present, and the building that crosses Hai Daqiao as Hangzhou bay, the position of its traffic hub will promote further.

▲ Ning Bo- - of “ China mould of brand of China of ” , “ of stationery of China of ” , “ of machine of model of China of ” , “ ” , china also is in the meantime goods of products of facilities of component of current mechanism, plastic machinery, Electromechanical, electric home appliances Previous12 3 Next