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Exhibition of industry of bend over of solar energy light of the 4th 2009 Asias
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Cloth extends time: On March 28, 2009 - on March 29, 2009

Show time: On March 30, 2009 - on April 1, 2009

Remove extend time: On April 1, 2009 - on April 1, 2009

Can exhibit place: Store of Shanghai world trade

Sponsor an unit: Commerce of the 18th institute of company of group of science and technology of electron of committee of technology of standardization within the system of the sources of energy of sun's rays bend over of chamber of commerce of new energy resources of union of countrywide industry and commerce, whole nation, China, China International promotes committee Shanghai international of Pudong of Pudong branch, Shanghai shows a company

Undertake unit: Shanghai moxa exhibits an exhibition to serve limited company

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: Shanghai

Can exhibit a description:

Exhibit activity of meeting early days:

In house of Diaoyutai state guest fragrant humble center held the “ that by countrywide business association ministry of ministry of chamber of commerce of new energy resources, nation energy resources, science and technology, construction ministry, Ministry of Agriculture, environmental protection organizes jointly ceremoniously on November 27, 2008 ” of forum of height of international of new energy resources of the 3rd China (the detail seeks advice please

〖 reviewed 〗 8 years 2008 the foreign trader gathers, great achievements again and again

AsiaSolar2008(the 3rd) industry of smooth hot season exhibits Asian solar energy (abbreviation “AsiaSolar” ) be like,attracted Atesi, Jiang Yinjun Xin, brilliant bay, close without day of Xi Guofei, Changzhou, medium report electric, Zhejiang is round-the-world, always auspicious polycrystalline silicon, . Domestic and international professional audience arrives at about 11000 person-time exhibit meeting view (foreign audience amounts to 30% above) . Project of the forum of industry of Asian smooth hot season that the corresponding period holds, solar energy smooth hot season popularizes supply and demand of material of meeting, silicon to negotiate meeting, UL is beautiful China the activity such as lecture of attestation special subject participates in personnel to amount to 1500 person-time above. Exhibit can professional, reached good service to win internationally exhibit business and purchase business reputably, received the admiration of industry orgnaization and nod approval.

〖 was looked into 2009 sponsor an orgnaization with advantage 〗 authority, powerful abroad collaboration, professional organization is engineered
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