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2009 exhibition of American international oil, natural gas
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Show time: On May 5, 2009 - on May 8, 2009

Can exhibit place: American Houston

Sponsor an unit: American Houston

Undertake unit: International of auspicious of Beijing Oriental acute shows limited company

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: Africa

Can exhibit a description:

2009 exhibition of American international oil, natural gas (OTC) OffshoreTechnologyConference

Because OTC is current world the biggest the most integrated oil gas kind exhibition, the force in the whole world is the largest, so its are exhibited very close spruce, exhibition was sponsorred 2007 just use ReliantCenter and ReliantStadium to regard saloon as the ground at the same time, but still about a hundred enterprise fails to allocate stall, also be even head office of Chinese marine oil all the time in the list that queues up to wait, be in finally from a not large area in ReliantStadium just was being divided when extending before can kicking off 4 months. From 2008 so exhibition sponsors the area that just begins to apply for to single company to try to restrict (new the single company area that sign up cannot exceed 200 to make the same score rice) .

The business that my department begins acting home to enter this exhibition of purpose from now to sponsor Founder type to apply for 2008 exhibit, according to sponsor square requirement, they can be in this year on August 13 - begin to exhibit a cent to match the job in Houston between 24 date, have attend postponing a business that allocates a qualification is according to its the premise on August 6 is handed in sign up and paid the exhibiting of 25% deposit is premise condition, the enterprise sponsors square meeting to block the language of the enterprise after paying 25% deposit arrive at those who sponsor square account to go up to give a number orderly early or late according to deposit. Exhibit a basis when allocating to apportion the seat of number early or late. If sign up,the enterprise was not allocated finally to reach the designated position buy, sponsor just return the deposit exactly the number of 25% . (note: Those who exhibit a deposit to pay is earlier better, so that can reach time,deserve to exhibit) .

Exhibition brief introduction:

This is exhibited since can establishing 1969 oneself, got the professional orgnaization such as American oil consortium support energetically, dimensions and consequence expand increasingly, already developed make exhibition of the oil of the the biggest, most influential force on the world, natural gas. Exhibit the supplier that can collect the oil machines and tools with numerous outstanding international to attracting those who come from the whole world to buy the home, it is all ginseng exhibit professional public figure's established inside business and course of study product to enter the United States, canada reachs the best turning point of European market. The special subject activity that will pass series inside exhibition period at the same time strengthens the major between international inside the domain communicate with collaboration.
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