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Hua Diran enrages kitchen explosion to send a person to get hurt manufacturer sa
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The kitchen scale that home of Lu Nv person lights gas cooking stove is exploded to give a few large holes

Manufacturer: Already used 7 years, over- guarantee period

Report from our correspondent " at that time, my cerebra a blank, aghast. " yesterday, area of 9 dragon slope Ms. Lu is hit into our newspaper hot line to mirror, use Hua Diran of 7 years to enrage kitchen to explode suddenly, the person that send the home is injured. Manufacturer maintenance technician says, guarantee because of passing period, manufacturer does not have responsibility.

The lady that occupy Lu introduces, eve afternoon 1 when, she and elder sister are in Yang Jiaping on the west the kitchen in 18 homes leaves outskirt spur track noodle. Open kitchen burning gas to be less than 10 minutes, hear " phut " , kitchen burning gas exploded, the glass of kitchen window broke, the vitreous broken bits that splatter and goes out the crural cut Ms. Lu elder sister.

Reporter spot sees, kitchen of Ms. Lu home the glass of a window is a few brokener, hua Diran enrages the kitchen scale of kitchen to be exploded to give a few large holes. Ms. Lu says, at that time, she dialed the telephone after this brand Chongqing maintains the carry out of the dot, person of group of the other side comes after the spot looks, say, not be quality problem, already used 7 years, guarantee because of passing early period, manufacturer does not have responsibility. If the user wants to change, beard from dig down.

Ms. Lu says, use the kitchen range burning gas that pass before, used 10 years, although cannot reuse, but also did not appear explosive phenomenon. Her requirement is very simple, behoove of China emperor company changes to light gas cooking stove newly to her. To this, chongqing is timely light a company to make work hind staff member says, occurrence contingency, can send a person to be checked to the spot instantly, but particular case is not clear. Because be on the weekend, the reporter did not contact specific undertaker.

Member of division of our newspaper law, records says with Chen Hao of attorney office solicitor, ms. Lu can detect product go off with, so the explosion that quality problem causes, the businessman ought to be compensated for. If not be, but to disappear assist complain, seek a help. Do not wish to divulge the Chongqing of manufacturer of kitchen burning gas of the detail maintains station chief to say, if do not have evidence,the specification is the explosion that quality problem causes, consumer gets very hard compensatory. He warns a citizen, answer to clean mess burning gas every week, take branch of manufacturer after service to make regular inspection, in order to prevent the accident outside hair business.

(hot line of our newspaper news clue of 966988 acknowledgment Ms. Lu)

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