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Guild: The crucial point that collect a source is capital operation undesirable
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Zhang Juan of reporter of ◆ every classics beautifuls hair from Shanghai

For the fruit juice collecting a source that develops bottleneck period to be in, of Coke Cola buy let them see " second birth " hope, but before of the swoon after numerous people brand is bought " lessons drawn from others' mistakes " let us cannot be at ease again, and once finish,buy, "Collect a source " brand the destiny henceforth, accuse to be in Coke Cola hand with respect to all palm.

Liu Yulan of secretary-general of Shanghai beverage guild to " daily economy news " express, capital strength weakness is ethical brand the crux of the problem in the be in a devil of hole in the market, she hopes the country can direct through policy, the ethical brand that capsizes and sink nearly to us remains a bit hope.

Capital operation is undesirable it is a root knot

Why can an ethical brand that has certain force in the market betray him to foreign capital easily? Does the Zhu Xinli that establishs to collect source fruit juice and introduce to its city single-handed have at the moment why to experience? The reporter tries to connect line Zhu Xinli yesterday, but its mobile phone is in nobody to receive from beginning to end listen to condition.

"Although assemble the brand force of the source very big, the market is had rate is very high also, but still did not form a benign loop in capital operation respect, otherwise this brand also won't walk out of carry out this pace. " Liu Yulan discloses, collect source fruit juice to be hit in the market now fold very fierce, some discounts price controls even cost not to come back even.

Capital strength weakness is the one big soft costal region of ethical brand all the time, it is especially when the great storms that encounters raw material cost, manpower cost, content sheds cost whole to rise, this one inferior position is behaved more apparently, bring about each respect such as benefit of product quality, enterprise to do not have big sth used to one's own advantage of method and international to contend, the intangible assets that can rely on to betray oneself only finally will maintain an enterprise to continue to run.

As to the track of an overturned cart that Le Baishi can tread again after collecting a source to be bought, liu Yulan thinks, collect a source more influential than Le Baishi force, so short-term inside unapt be infiltrated by foreign capital " limbo " . Be in nevertheless industry of nowadays home beverage, the beverage brand that owns pure China blood relationship already place remnant very few, each nation brand disappears from the scene gradually after encountering foreign capital annex, and foreign capital takes the chance to earn profit of forestall of a huge sum. She expresses helplessly, "After foreign brand unify the whole country, the speech authority such as the product value of home market, breed will be held in accusing the hand in foreign capital. "

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