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Does 08 metaphase money sign up for Su Ning electric equipment predestined relat
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"Ability of growth of business income of oneself of Su Ning electric equipment and before the photograph of historical growth contrail of rise steeply is compared, the growth route that began to appear to drop unexpectedly 8 years first half of the year changes. "  

On August 30, su Ning electric equipment (002024.SZ) announce money of outstanding achievement of 8 years of metaphase to declare, be in general with " news is dynamic " in the media eye to report a target, receive exterior article naturally the sound of a few praises. And in Su Ning not common money newspaper is cast after going out, came back to be shown however namely successive two days of share price are adjacent drop stop go against situation reaction.

Not once common money newspaper appears on share price to turn over experience to drop quickly stop    

On September 1 this Zhou Yi, su Ning share price runs quickly continuously drop stop to 36.64 yuan / ; On September 2 Zhou Er, drop to 33.5 yuan / ; It is at the same time " beautiful " forms for reporting statistics, it is share price drops at the same time stop, not why does the outstanding achievement predestined relationship of common encounter drop stop? How be to produce a lysol to could there be after all do 08 money sign up for " dead date " ? The source brings " daily of the first finance and economics " analysis of the personage inside reportorial course of study points out: Company total battalion closes under anticipate and right " value added tax is touched buckle suspense " panicky or it is to drop stop advocate because of. But be not actually so simple, we or from the following " area of square rice of quality of store of door of rate of growth of Su Ning outstanding achievement, Su Ning, Chan Ping yields benefit, can compare door store sales revenue " 4 respects felt its are immanent already secret worry.

Does business growth ability drop compared to the same period does 38 % Su Ning manage growth to glide does inflection point appear?

8 years according to Su Ning metaphase money newspaper shows, do business 8 years first half of the year gross income is twenty-five billion nine hundred and nineteen million yuan, compared to the same period 7 years metaphase business gross income grew 37.57 % eighteen billion nine hundred and eighty-three million yuan, and 7 years newspaper of money of metaphase outstanding achievement shows Su Ning, business gross income of 7 years of metaphase grew 60.58 % than 6 years of the corresponding period, turn over Guan Suning 8 years outstanding achievement grows 37.57 % compared to the same period first half of the year, amplitude relatively 7 years metaphase photograph compares amplitude of 6 years of the corresponding period, dropped 38 % , if use data table to show, begin 8 years first half of the year, su Ning business gross income grows speed to begin take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly, photograph of ability of business income growth grows extent to drop than period of 7 years of half an year 38 % .
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