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Reese: Sale person and supervisory war
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Sale person and supervisory war! -- when the reporter before a few months interviews Mr Reese, special the teems with global best seller commerce Great Master that works to this enquired next creation tendercy, and a such proposition, hit the urticant point of personnel of enterprise a gleam of really.

Of remain fresh in one's memory is, the enterprise that Shanghai of Mr Reese makes a speech communicates level, somebody asks: When of the beach outside river of Shanghai yellow riverside gigantic advertisement can have an in part is Chinese brand, and rather than now such foreign brand unify the whole country? Reese's answer is very straightforward also: When the word that can hear morely into sale person when the administrative person of Chinese enterprise!

So, sale person and supervisory war after all because of why and hair? Why is the communication between both put in the problem? How can you just get both " peace " succeed with the market of the enterprise? These problems, it is this month of Mr Reese " the month talks " argument place.

Inside cerebrum war

" management of China and foreign countries " : You come China when making a speech, mention writing to concern " sale person and supervisory war " new book, also mention the administrative pattern of the enterprise to answer by " management to sale change " . So, why can sale person and supervisory war erupt?

Moxa • Reese: The cerebra of everybody can be divided for two hemisphere. Some people are taken an examination of with Zun Naosai give priority to, another some of person thinks with right head give priority to. Numerous research makes clear: The mankind is left half head was in charge of language expression, logic and analytic sex thinking, and right half head dominant visual perception official, sensibility and integral sex thinking. Although also can use the right hand,resemble a left-handed person, but like using left hand normally, the person that a Zun Naosai is taken an examination of is idiomatic left half head, and the person that right head thinks is more use right half head.

In contacting a process for a long time with the business management layer of world each district, we discover administrative layer, especially senior management layer, it is the person that Zun Naosai is taken an examination of mostly! They have remarkable oral expression ability, logistic thinking and analysis to ponder over ability. Why? Because these are company board of directorses,be in the individual quality that employ values most when advanced apparitor.

On the other hand, we also feel: Personnel of great majority sale is the person that right head thinks! They pay attention to visual perception, sensibility and integral sex thinking. Cite a case for, when the apparitor of an enterprise makes a speech, he is to stand beside dais commonly, recite manuscript or the content on clew board, this is a model is oral state the tendency and left head thinking. Contrary, if be personnel of a sale,making a presentation, he can use the slide with stronger visual perception to demonstrate, this is tendency of typical visual perception official and right head thinking.
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