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Beautiful advertisement advocate association objects advertisement of Gu Ge Yaho
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Time of Beijing of dispatch of sina science and technology on September 8 message, according to foreign media coverage, american country advertisement advocate association (the following abbreviation " ANA " ) weekday sends letter judiciary, the advertisement agreement that says Gu Ge and Yahoo not long ago are reached competes fairness of be a hindrance to.

ANA is representing 400 companies of American the interest of 9000 brands, include oil of Coke Cola, beautiful inspire confidence in sb, Bao Jie and general motors to wait among them. ANA says, be opposite Gu Ge and Yahoo advertisement trade after undertaking comprehensive analysis, the assistant total inquisitor that at weekday the judiciary that send a letter is in charge of antitrust general affairs Thoms Baneite (Thomas Barnett) .

ANA did not announce correspondence content, but express: "Cereal song Yahoo trades will make both sides controls the search market share of 90% , this may destroy market fairness to compete, reduce consumer preference space, promote advertisement advocate advertisement cost. "

On June 12, gu Ge and Yahoo sign exclusiveness of a blame to search advertisement cooperation agreement, allow Gu Ge to place ad on Yahoo website, this action is annual the battalion that hopeful creates 800 million dollar for Yahoo closes. Original, this trades need not refer relevant section to examine, because be not,buy trade. But two companies or decision, be willing to judiciary 3 half-moon time examine this to trade.

Current, american judiciary and a few inquisitor of the city are evaluating this cooperation agreement. Gu Ge overcomes · Schmidt in CEO dust (Eric Schmidt)8 ever expressed 28 days month, will implement this advertisement agreement that signs with Yahoo at the beginning of October. Schmidt says: "Judiciary still is in evaluate this agreement, did not give a specific opinion up to now, but we carry out consultative content on October definitely. " (Li Ming)

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