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Domestic wind casts ITAT of number one massacre to appear on the market the behi
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The investor of big shop sign such as He Meilin of blue hill capital, Magenshidanli, Citadel is the myth that believes ITAT. Otherwise, they won't be in the collect of two rounds of illicit of ITAT, investment exceeds 120 million U.S. dollor to buy its unlisted share. If myth is undone, the principal that means 120 million U.S. dollor possibly is not had return, and the record of number one disaster of course of study of refresh China venture capital investment.

From ITAT author Ou Tongguo is located in Shenzhen to bring a tall building of the United Nations General Assembly 33 office looks outwards, largely the city closes at eye ground. To this when 18 years old sell the person that begins to do poineering work a hog in the home, everything of at present appears already quite but prideful: The embellish that occupy moustache statistic of 100 rich a list of names posted up, when ending 2007, the individual asset of Europe achieves 10 billion yuan of RMB.

To estimation of this kind of outside, ou Tongguo appears quite impatient: "I also do not know how of numerate, I had not accepted them to interview, did not appear on the market again, wear a tall cap to give me, do you say I am not sufferred from painstakingly? "

This is not worth while and open-eyed. Of Ou Tongguo and ITAT appear on the market, was in the past two years almost a pair of keywords with most refer of li of domestic investment group. One cast industry heavyweight character to show a such numbers to this print: Not long ago, prepare the ITAT that appear on the market to be 160 billion HK dollar to his appraise value, this lets the company is big hamster connect a country to become Chinese head probably rich (the share condition that no matter him Europe still is industry,all rejects to announce him to be in a company) . And a wind casts trade public figure to say to this print, the Tang Yue of copartner of capital of blue hill China that participated in ITAT two rounds to invest spends in the Ceng Ji when 2007 allege hopefully: ITAT may help him gain 1 billion dollar.

Must point out, what ITAT place may obtain Ou Tongguo and everything, it is in 4 years of time high speed accumulates get: On September 16, 2004, its inn of the first member is in Shenzhen practice. Everything later can use only it seems that " explosive type grows " appearance: Up to now it already was in boardcast sowing of more than 300 city of countrywide nearly 800 inn; Match with this photograph, say according to ITAT, its net profit was 1.04 billion yuan 2007 -- this is equivalent to about Li Ning and how to stamp brand of movement of these two country the profit the sum of retail firm, even outclass 2006 ITAT 7.78 100 million yuan sales revenue.

Like Dan Ji mark achieve rich hour to did not come as scheduled. As contrary as this, ITAT appeared on the market in what Hong Kong couplet reachs place this year in March listen dispatch was not passed. This let Ou Tongguo make an unusual decision even: Fry appear on the market Gao Cheng of the person that protect Jian.
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