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Heart photograph imprints sanitation wet towel reject is stopped to make work
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Report from our correspondent (character of inscription of reporter the Kingdom of Wei) because exaggerate,exterminate inhibition or note to tag to the bacterium ambiguous, photograph of ABC, heart imprints the sanitation wet towel that waits for well-known trademark, was instructed to be in by Ministry of Public Health a few days ago the whole nation stops carry out relevant rejected product, be opposite by relevant enterprise violate compasses appear on the market the product undertakes reclaiming (the detail can inquire) of website of Ministry of Public Health.

Ministry of Public Health was reported yesterday, was opposite in each district recently in the supervisory sampling observation that the wholesome things such as pants of make water of paper of sanitary towel of wet towel, sanitation wet towel, woman, baby begins, discovery investigates 38 kinds of unqualified wholesome articles for use. Among them, photograph of ABC sanitation wet towel, heart imprints the unqualified reason such as sanitary towel of sanitation wet towel, Su Fei is label unqualified, be like, exaggerated wait to coliform organisms have be restrained more by force and exterminate action to wait.

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