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TCL places liquid crystal brave words of 11% share target fears voidance
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Since this year, TV of foreign capital flat continues to advance triumphantly, homebred TV industry once " bibcock " TCL, the beginning of the year ever had " 11 % share is owned in market of TV of domestic liquid crystal " brave words, make an empty talk probably.

The beginning of the year places 11 % target

Implementation of basic all up

This year in January, liang Yaorong of TCL multimedia CEO announced this company in Shenzhen the development a major programme of lasting importance 2008, adopt cause of integrated fluctuation idle fund namely, 11 % share is owned in market of TV of domestic liquid crystal, liang Yaorong expresses at that time: "Have hope very much to the future of the company. " large nowadays half an year went, circumstance how?

On September 3, national information center is newest release " market of TV of flat of domestic key city analysed a report first half of the year 2008 " show, the integral market share of TV of liquid crystal of homebred first half of the year this year brand appears to drop considerably compared to the same period, share of market of foreign capital brand appears very big promotion. Awfuller is, the advantage of TV of liquid crystal of foreign capital brand, from one, 2 class market is wholesale spread to 3, 4 class market, its are had in the integral sale of 3 class market rate, from last year 36 first half of the year. 11 % rises to this year 51 first half of the year. 91 % ; In 4 class market also from last year 31 first half of the year. 71 % rises to this year 46 first half of the year. 97 % . In lost one, after the advantage of 2 class market, the brand such as TCL takes great pride " be in 3, the channel advantage of 4 class market " also already not answer existence, "The country surrounds a city " politic and basic declare fails.

According to the statistical data that Ao Wei seeks advice from, this year " 51 " sell busy season, retail volume has liquid crystal TV of rate before 5 it is foreign capital brand by force completely, among them Suo Ni 14. 8 % , SamSung 13. 6 % , Xia Pu 12. 4 % , LG8. 3 % , Toshiba 8. 3 % , and TCL is only 5. 0 % , drop before going out 10 strong. Center of ZDC consumption survey released a few days ago " market of TV of liquid crystal of China of the 2nd quarter considered to report 2008 " show, brand of 6 big foreign capital held riverside of Suo Ni, Xia Pu, SamSung, LG, flying benefit, Toshiba before liquid crystal TV pays close attention to those who spend pop chart 6, TCL only with 4. The attention of 8 % spends a platoon to be in the 9th, before be being entered constrainedly 10, this makes clear TCL brand to dropping in the position in consumer memory. Recently, the sale data that the reporter gets from chain of some large home appliance shows, before seniority of sales volume of TV of near future liquid crystal 10 model is controlled basically by place of foreign capital brand completely, before TCL is entered without the product 10. With current sale the trend looks, the liquid crystal market that TCL wants to realize the beginning of the year to make the target of 11 % portion, possibility is done not have almost.
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