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American government takes over control two big houses borrow an orgnaization to
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In new network report is comprehensive on September 8 message, american Ministry of finance holds a press conference 7 days temporarily, announce the United States two big houses borrow association of loan of mortgage of confederative countryman of orgnaization United States (Fang Limei) with American federal residential loan mortgages company (room ground is beautiful) bring into a government to guard management temporarily, 2 rooms CEO dismisses.

"Central company " the hair report from Washington says, this plan is regarded as to be the biggest government on American history intervenes money market acts. The Zhanmusi Lockhart of director of bureau of confederative housing banking that is about to superintend 2 rooms expresses on the press conference, the government is superintended will let two companies time replies perfect condition, provide room city stability and loan market liquidity.

Lockhart announces, room benefit beautiful CEO will by replace of Ai Lixun of vice president of Qian Meilin company, room ground beautiful CEO criterion by before Mo Fei of US Bancorp vice-president is special replace. Board of directors and management will by in control of of bureau of confederative housing banking.

Long Baoersen receives the Ministry of finance to express after Lockhart, the basis goes all around come state and money market now circumstance, "My conclusion is, the Ministry of finance at present with two companies the form undertakes equity invests is not to accord with taxpayer of optimal interest. " besides bring into 2 rooms superintend, american government also bankroll. The Ministry of finance announced to establish new plan measure that day, will be in next year before December 31, inspect need to buy 2 houses mortgage loan negotiable securities and provide liquidity.

Bao Ersen emphasizes, the government takes action, because Fang Limei and room ground beauty are affected to financial system,be giant, an any money market the storm and stress that close down to be able to bring about American home and whole world; Two companies close down, also can affect American to obtain a room to borrow, the car shifts the capacity with other credence. He expresses, american economy and market should spend ability to be able to anabiosis to room city crisis, and room ground beauty and Fang Limei take important part in room city a favourable turn.

Beautiful couplet store chairman Bainake makes a statement subsequently, express to support this move. He says: "These are necessary city of room of United States of aggrandizement of action general conduce and the stability that promote our money market. "

Bao Ersen the Ceng Yumei before this country candidate of president of the Democratic Party Mai Kaien of Aobama and candidate of republic party president undertake consulting at this point. Win support. Nevertheless analytic personage thinks, if American government is noted endowment, the stock value of two companies will by serious dilute, hold the investor of two companies stock may be forced to accept significant loss.
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