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Our country will publish short message advertisement to serve administrative reg
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Xinhua net Beijing on September 7 special telegram (reporter Liu Ju is spent) in the light of advertisement of breath of short message of mobile phone rubbish faze civilian problem, total bureau of industrial and commercial administration will publish industry and informatization ministry, country very quickly and the organization is carried out " the provision that shows level to strengthen short information advertisement to serve government " .

The reporter understands 7 days, wu of kimono of the management aptitude condition that at present two branches had offerred short information advertisement to serve legally, application program is normative, and receive the real interrogatory problem such as business responsibility obligation, preliminary reach unanimous opinion. Wait for new round this regulation will come on stage after editing.

Industry and informatization ministry start punish of breath of rubbish short message in the round since this year June special operation, rectify and reform an industry through clearing kind the short information port such as application, clear normative SP short message ceases breath of short message of the rubbish between net of group of hair platform, linkage processing, comb a standard to violate compasses short message breath endowment expends a formula, undertake comprehensive processing. According to 12321 " the network is undesirable inform against with rubbish information accept a center " statistic, the user informed against the month on quantity comparing to drop about what rubbish short message ceases June this year 85% .

The interest of rubbish short message that at present mobile phone user receives belongs to ad short message to cease more, industry and bureau of manage of fuse of informatization department report and country are versed in commercial firm politics manages department of total bureau ad to begin survey since this year April, already formed the first draft that strengthens short information advertisement to serve government.

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